microRNAs (miRNA) are naturally occurring, small non-protein coding sequences that are involved in post-translational gene regulation and have been implicated in a variety of biological processes and diseases. These small RNAs (~22nt) also have a big impact on many complex pathophysiological responses, making them a key part of life science research on mammalian and plant systems.

miRNA profiling allows for the detection and quantification of miRNAs with high sensitivity and specificity, and provides researchers with both raw and processed data for quick interpretation and comparison of multiple samples.

Lentiviral vectors and ready-to-use lentiviruses and adenoviruses allow researchers to over-express or inhibit individual miRNAs to study their functional roles in both in vitro and in vivo systems.

Target validation for miRNAs can be performed with 3'UTR reporter vectors, lentiviruses, or stable cell lines utilizing a reporter gene such as luciferase or GFP.

Finding the best tools for miRNA research is a challenging task and will depend on sample type, experimental scope and functional analysis. abm offers a comprehensive selection of products and services for miRNA profiling, isolation, detection, expression, inhibition, and target validation to meet your research needs.