2X PCR HotStart MasterMix

G9065.0 ml (200 Rxns)

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2X PCR HotStart MasterMix
2X PCR HotStart MasterMix

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    DescriptionProblems with non-specific amplification and primer-dimer formation? Try abm’s HotStart DNA Polymerase. HotStart DNA Polymerase contains a proprietary antibody that blocks polymerase activity at low temperatures. During the initial denaturation step at 94°C, the antibody dissociates from Taq DNA polymerase and restores enzyme activity. This feature significantly reduces non-specific product formations that would otherwise compete for reagent availability. Thus, abm’s HotStart DNA Polymerase offers improved yield of desired PCR products. Now HotStart DNA Polymerase comes in a 2X PCR MasterMix format which provides all ingredients necessary for PCR in a premixed and optimized format that simplifies the PCR workflow. Also the available 2X PCR HotStart MasterMix with dye (G906-dye) includes, in addition, an inert green dye blend and a stabilizer which allow for direct loading of the PCR product(s) onto an agarose gel. The green dye blend resolves during gel electrophoresis into a turquoise band at ~4000bp and a yellow band at the ~50bp region. The resolving bands of dye allow easy visualization of the real time progress of your gel electrophoresis, where the yellow band indicates the migrating front in the gel. With abm’s HotStart DNA Polymerase, you can achieve • The highest specificity with minimal background • Superior performance • Improved yield of desired product
    Applications• Assays with prolonged reaction setup or liquid handling • Multiplex PCR • Specific amplification of difficult templates (i.e. G-C rich) • Low copy PCR assays • TA Cloning
    Format5 x 1.0 ml vials
    Note This product is ISO-13485 certified.
    Storage ConditionStore at -20°C.
    Unit quantity5.0 ml (200 Rxns)

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