3'UTR miRNA Reporters and Cell Lines

abm has developed a comprehensive 3'UTR library of lentiviral vectors and viruses for all human genes, with a choice of luciferase or GFP reporter genes. Also available are ready-to-use 3'UTR reporter cell lines, which stably express the 3'UTR region of your gene of interest and a GFP or luciferase reporter.

One of the most reliable, quantitative methods for studying interactions between a specific miRNA and its putative binding site is by utilization of a reporter gene such as luciferase or GFP cloned upstream of a 3'UTR target. Interaction between an miRNA and the 3'UTR can be validated by observing whether a change in reporter gene expression occurs when miRNA expression vectors and/or miRNA inhibitors are co-transfected with the 3'UTR reporter construct.


  • Co-transfect with an miRNA expression vector or mimic. Interaction between the 3'UTR and miRNA is validated if decreased expression of the reporter gene is observed.
  • Assay for endogenous miRNA expression by transfecting the 3'UTR reporter vector into the cell line of interest. When co-transfected with a miRNA inhibitor, an attenuated or abolished interaction between the miRNA and the UTR of the Reporter Vector should be observed.
  • Investigate miRNA binding requirements using 3'UTR mutant reporters. Importance of a locus for miRNA binding can be determined by mutating that locus and observing if reporter expression is affected.
  • Use 3'UTR reporter cell lines for stable expression of the 3'UTR reporter construct from HEK293 cells.

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3'UTR Reporter Library

We offer human, mouse, and rat 3'UTR reporters in the form of lentivectors, lentiviruses, or stable cells expressing either Luc or GFP.

Product Information

  • 3 UTR Workflow
    This diagram shows how our 3'UTR Reporters function to validate regulation of a gene via binding of miRNA to its 3'UTR.
  • UTR vector map
    Vector Map
    Our 3'UTR Reporters are offered as lentiviral vectors, lentiviruses, or 293 cells expressing Luciferase or GFP.
  • miRNA Target Prediction and Validation
    Want to Know More?
    This knowledge base article covers miRNA Target Prediction and Validation.

Top Publications

Isoflurane Increases Neuronal Cell Death Vulnerability by Downregulating miR-214

Yan, H., Xu, T.,et al.
Plos One. 8(2): e55276 (2013).

doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055276

MIR34A regulates autophagy and apoptosis by targeting HMGB1 in the retinoblastoma cell

Liu, K., et al.
Autophagy 10(3):442-452 (2014).

DOI: 10.4161/auto.27418

Propofol decreases p53 levels to prevent cell death.

Pan, C., et al.
Int J Clin Exp Med 9(11):22069-22075 (2016)

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