5X All-In-One RT MasterMix

G48525 x 10 µl reactions

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5X All-In-One RT MasterMix
5X All-In-One RT MasterMix

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    DescriptionFrom RNA template to cDNA in just 15 minutes completely hassle-free. With abm’s 5X All-In-One RT MasterMix, just add RNA and this optimized system will provide sensitive and reliable cDNA synthesis over a dynamic range of input RNA. The use of this MasterMix eliminates multiple component additions providing exceptional reproducibility and precision, in addition to offering the end-user ultimate convenience. Key Features • Reduction in handling errors with only 1 liquid transfer step • Streamlined protocol suitable for high-throughput applications • Simple set-up for any RNA template • High reproducibility and excellent yield Note - In case of no RT control, it is suggested to take a small aliquot of the 5X All-In-One RT MasterMix, and perform deactivation of the RT by incubating the small aliquot on heat block at 85°C for 5 -10 minutes prior to the reaction setup.
    Applications• Generation of templates for use in RT-PCR and qRT-PCR • cDNA synthesis from ssRNA • cDNA library construction • Generation of probes for hybridization • DNA primer extension
    Note This product is ISO-13485 certified.
    Storage ConditionStore all components at -20°C.
    Unit quantity25 x 10 µl reactions

    Can gene specific primers be used?
    Our 5X All-In-One RT MasterMix already contains oligo dT and random primers; gene specific primers cannot be used for this kit.
    What's the difference between the products of 15 and 50 min. cDNA synthesis, can I use the product of either of them to perform both PCR and qPCR?
    qPCR amplicons are usually very short a(e.g. 200bp) whereas PCR products are usually much larger and the unit is usually in terms of Kb. Therefore a longer time is required for PCR. Using 50mins for qPCR products is not recommended as you may get random products that skew your results (the reaction will reach a plateau after all your templates have been reverse transcribed and random products will be generated afterwards).
    What is the maximum length of cDNA synthesized by the 5X All-In-One RT MasterMix?
    G485 is able to synthesize cDNA up to around 10kb in length.
    Can G485 be used with miRNA without the PolyA tail?
    The PolyA tail must first be added to the miRNA, and thus we do not recommend using the 5X All-In-One RT MasterMix with your miRNA in its current state. Additionally, G485 contains random primers, therefore it is not recommended for this application.

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