Recombinant adenovirus is one of the most efficient gene delivery vehicles for both in vitro and in vivo protein expression due to the high infection efficiency and subsequent yield of recombinant protein. Adenoviruses can infect a broad range of cells, including dividing and non-dividing cells, stem cells and primary cells, and are particularly useful for infecting cell lines that have low transfection efficiency with liposome based methods.

Adenoviruses do not integrate their genome into the host system and therefore do not risk activating or inactivating host genes. Expression of the recombinant protein of interest is detectable within 24 hours post infection and is transient in nature. The expression will persist as long as the viral genome is not degraded, which is around 1-2 weeks depending on the cell type. Longer expression can be observed in slow dividing cells such as neurons.

abm offers a comprehensive library of premade adenoviruses containing full-length ORFs for human, mouse and rat genes driven by a strong CMV promoter with a choice of His tag, HA tag or GFP reporter.

abm has over 1000 Premade ORF Adenovirus and is constantly adding more every day. If the desired gene has not been made already, most of them can be ready within 4 weeks. abm also provides custom adenovirus production to tailor to specific needs. Please contact technical support or customer service for further details.

Key features:

  • Biosafety: Replication-incompetent (-E1/-E3) human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5)
  • Almost 100% gene delivery in most cell types; very few cell lines cannot be infected
  • Can be used for in vivo or in vitro recombinant protein expression
  • Non-integrating; No alteration to host genome
  • Choice of No Tag, C-terminal His or HA tag for detection/purification, or GFP reporter (Gene-IRES-GFP)
  • Can’t find your gene or need a higher titer? We offer custom adenovirus production and amplification)

  1. Select your desired tag or reporter, then search your gene name or accession number and add the adenovirus to your cart.
  2. If you require a higher titer, add one of the Adenovirus Purification options to your cart.Click here to view available titers.
  3. Can’t find your gene? We can generate a custom adenovirus for you! Add one (1) pShuttle Subcloning option and one (1) cDNA Adenovirus Production option (Cat.No. C001) to your cart, and include your gene details and desired tag/reporter in the Notes section. View our Custom Adenovirus Services page for more information to place your order.
  4. Questions? Contact us at technical@abmGood.com.

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Control Adenoviruses

Product Name Size Cat. No. Status Price
Adeno CMV Null Adenovirus 250 μl 000047A Premade $245.00
Adenovirus Null Adenovirus 250 μl 000048A Premade $245.00
β-gal Adenovirus (E. coli) 250 μl 000197A Premade $245.00
RFP Adenovirus (Fish) 250 μl 000200A Premade $245.00
GFP Adenovirus 250 μl 000541A Premade $245.00