abm is a world leader in recombinant lentiviral and adenoviral technology, providing the most comprehensive collection of lenti-, adeno- and retro-viral vectors in ready-to-infect formats. This is in addition to custom our virus packaging services that can offers to package any custom made recombinant viral vector in a titer of the customer's choice.

Based on the customer's project requirements, they can choose the viral vector that best suits their studies from abm's wide range of available products. In general, adenovirus delivers very strong infection efficiency, but cannot integrate into the host genome. For integration, retrovirus can insert its DNA into the host genome and produces stable cells, but will not infect non-dividing cells. As a special sub-category of retrovirus, lentivirus infects both dividing and non-dividing cells and can integrate into the host genome, generating stable expression.

For lentiviral expression vectors, the customer may choose from a wide range of different promoters, reporter genes and tags, with constitutive or inducible expression, and bicistronic or even tricistronic expression. Further information detailing the choices of lentiviral vectors available can be found on the "Lentiviral Expression Systems" page.

For pre-made adenovirus, abm offers the choice HA or His tags, or a GFP reporter (IRES-GFP) to help assay the gene of interest. Further details on adenoviral vector designs can be found on the "Adenoviral Expression Systems" page.

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