CD44 Protein Vector


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Human CD44 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-C-His) BC004372 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV008489$275.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-GST) BC004372 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV334995$275.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-MBP) BC004372 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV334994$275.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-N-His) BC004372 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV008490$275.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-HA) BC004372 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV008491$275.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-His) BC004372 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV008492$275.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) BC004372 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV334996$950.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-His) BC004372 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV334997$950.00
Mouse CD44 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001177785 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV163482$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001177786 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV163486$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001177787 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV163490$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_009851 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV163494$1,000.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001039150 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV163498$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001039151 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV163502$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001177785 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV479339$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001177786 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV479343$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001177787 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV479347$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_009851 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV479351$1,000.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001039150 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV479355$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001039151 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV479359$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001177785 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV479338$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001177786 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV479342$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001177787 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV479346$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_009851 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV479350$1,000.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001039150 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV479354$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001039151 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV479358$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001177785 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV163483$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001177786 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV163487$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001177787 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV163491$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_009851 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV163495$1,000.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001039150 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV163499$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001039151 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV163503$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001177785 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV163484$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001177786 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV163488$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001177787 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV163492$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_009851 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV163496$1,000.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001039150 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV163500$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001039151 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV163504$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001177785 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV163485$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001177786 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV163489$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001177787 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV163493$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_009851 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV163497$1,000.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001039150 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV163501$545.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001039151 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV163505$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001177785 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV479340$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001177786 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV479344$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001177787 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV479348$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_009851 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV479352$1,000.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001039150 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV479356$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001039151 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV479360$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001177785 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV479341$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001177786 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV479345$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001177787 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV479349$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_009851 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV479353$1,000.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001039150 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV479357$545.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001039151 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV479361$545.00
Rat CD44 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
CD44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-C-His) NM_012924 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV258634$1,125.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-GST) NM_012924 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV574487$1,125.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_012924 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV574486$1,125.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-N-His) NM_012924 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV258635$1,125.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-HA) NM_012924 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV258636$1,125.00
CD44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-His) NM_012924 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV258637$1,125.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_012924 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV574488$1,125.00
Cd44 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_012924 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV574489$1,125.00
Blank Control Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPM-Blank 500 ng PV001$85.00
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPB-Blank 500 ng PV002$85.00
Cat. No. Product Name Qty. Promo/% Off Amount
    Total: $0.00  

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