Cell Biology Reagents

abm provides numerous products and tools for cell culture work, including our popular BacAway bacteria contamination control agent. The BacAway bacteria contamination control agent is very useful in primary cell and stable cell line generation or research, or any cell culture work that involves extended period of cell culture. Over longer periods of culture, such as stable cell generation, cell culture contaminination with bacteria is often unavoidable, and precious cell cultures can be lost overnight. Our BacAway reagent is the only effective solution for successful rescue of cell culture comtaminated with bacteria. With BacAway on your side, you will never have to worry about losing your precious cultures to bacteria contamination again.

We have also developed a quick and easy method for detection of mycoplasma. Our PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit is a quick and effective way to determine whether or not your results are being influenced by a mycoplasma infection.

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Cell Biology Reagents

Search our extensive catalogue of cell biology related reagents, including media, supplements, transfection reagents, cell attachment factors, transduction enhancers, and more!

Tools & Resources

  • Mycoplasma Detection Service
    Mycoplasma Detection Service
    Verify your cell lines with our Mycoplasma Detection Service.
  • Mycoplasma Decontamination Service
    Mycoplasma Decontamination Service
    Cells contaminated with mycoplasma? Let us eliminate it for you with our mycoplasma elimination service.
  • ExPAND T Cell Culture Medium
    ExPAND T Cell Culture Medium
    Using ExPAND T Cell Culture Medium (TM151) leads to better growth than competitors' media.

Top Publications

01 Establishment and characterization of a novel nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line (SUNE2) from a Cantonese patient.

Dong, J. et al.
Chinese Journal of Cancer 32(5):36-44 (2011).

DOI: 10.5732/cjc.011.10317.
02 Establishment and Characterization of a Novel Cell Line, ASAN-PaCa, Derived From Human Adenocarcinoma Arising in Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of the Pancreas.

Heller, A. et al.
Pancreas, 45(10), 1452-1460 (2016).

Doi: 10.1097/mpa.0000000000000673


What can I coat a larger dish to subculture?
We also offer applied extracellular matrix (collagen type I) in liquid form, for the coating of larger flasks and other required plasticware.
What is the difference between PriGrow I, II, III or IV?
Each medium is optimized with our proprietary formulation to support the proliferation and growth for different cell types.
Do you sell ECM coated T75 flasks?
Yes, we can provide a coating service. Please inquire with [email protected].

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  1. Sku: TM058
    Price: $195.00
    Unit: 500 ml
    HEPES, a buffer with a concentration between 10 mM to 25 mM is commonly used to buffer cell culture media.

  2. Sku: TM005
    Price: $215.00
    Unit: 250ml
    abm's Adipocyte Differentiation Medium is a complete medium containing all growth factors and supplements necessary to induce the differentiation of preadipocytes into mature adipocytes. Each lot is tested for the ability to induce differentiation...

  3. Sku: TM073
    Price: $250.00
    Unit: 1 Kit
    abm’s Adipocyte Medium Kit is a low serum medium developed for the cultivation of adipocytes in culture. The media contains proprietary formulation of growth factors and supplements to support optimal adipocyte cell growth. This media supports...

  4. Sku: TM091
    Price: $540.00
    Unit: 500 ml
    A proprietary liquid medium developed for air liquid interface differentiation in vitro.

  5. Sku: G274
    Price: $99.00
    Unit: 100ml
    This product contains 250 µg/ml of amphotericin B and 205 µg/ml of deoxycholic acid in normal saline. It is 0.2 micron filtered and is tested for sterility.

  6. Sku: G273
    Price: $49.00
    Unit: 100ml
    This product contains 10,000 units of penicillin G, 10,000µg of streptomycin sulfate, and 25µg of amphotericin B per ml in normal saline. It is 0.2 micron filtered and is tested for sterility.

  7. Sku: TM055
    Price: $165.00
    Unit: 50 mg
    Transferrin is an important component in culture medium as it assists in the uptake and transport of iron from the culture medium to the cells. Iron allows cells to uptake oxygen from the environment, and stimulates growth-related enzyme activity....

  8. Sku: G422
    Price: $275.00
    Unit: 25ml
    In cell biology, processes such as cell differentiation, cell cycle and cell survival are affected by signals stimulated through cell adhesion. Therefore adhesion plays a fundamental role in in vitro studies. ABM’s Applied Cell Extracellular...

  9. Sku: G285
    Price: $275.00
    Unit: 2 x 1.25ml
    Bacterial contamination is often associated with long-term culture of primary cells, stable cell lines, and stem cells. It is often frustrating that cells got contaminated after weeks or months of clone selection or precious establishment of primary...

  10. Sku: TM067
    Unit: 5 ml

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