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Chemokine-beta Family (CC)


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Recombinant Human Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Human CCL1 E. coli10 µg Z101905 $90.00
Recombinant Human CCL2 E. coli20 µg Z100625 $70.00
100 µg Z100627 $245.00
1.0 mg Z100629 $1,690.00
Recombinant Human CCL21 E. coli20 µg Z100195 $70.00
100 µg Z100197 $245.00
1.0 mg Z100199 $1,690.00
Recombinant Human CCL22 E. coli20 µg Z101015 $70.00
100 µg Z101017 $245.00
1.0 mg Z101019 $1,350.00
Recombinant Human CCL25 E. coli20 µg Z101525 $70.00
1.0 mg Z101529 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human CCL3 E. coli20 µg Z100675 $70.00
100 µg Z100677 $245.00
1.0 mg Z100679 $1,200.00
Recombinant Human CCL4 E. coli10 µg Z100685 $70.00
100 µg Z100687 $325.00
1.0 mg Z100689 $1,690.00
Recombinant Human CTACK (CCL27) E. coli20 µg Z101885 $110.00
1.0 mg Z101889 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human Eotaxin (CCL11) E. coli20 µg Z100175 $70.00
1.0 mg Z100179 $1,690.00
Recombinant Human Eotaxin-2 (CCL24) E. coli20 µg Z100185 $130.00
1.0 mg Z100189 $2,300.00
Recombinant Human Eotaxin-3 (CCL26) E. coli20 µg Z101575 $70.00
1.0 mg Z101579 $1,260.00
Recombinant Human HCC-1 (CCL14) E. coli10 µg Z100305 $70.00
100 µg Z100307 $250.00
1.0 mg Z100309 $1,000.00
Recombinant Human HCC-2 (CCL15) E. coli25 µg Z100315 $70.00
1.0 mg Z100319 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human LEC (CCL16) E. coli25 µg Z100325 $70.00
1.0 mg Z100329 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human MCP-2 (CCL8) E. coli25 µg Z100635 $70.00
250 µg Z100637 $550.00
1.0 mg Z100639 $1,200.00
Recombinant Human MCP-3 (CCL7) E. coli10 µg Z101915 $70.00
100 µg Z101917 $300.00
1.0 mg Z101919 $1,690.00
Recombinant Human MCP-4 (CCL13) E. coli25 µg Z100645 $70.00
100 µg Z100647 $210.00
1.0 mg Z100649 $1,690.00
Recombinant Human MEC (CCL28) E. coli20 µg Z101025 $160.00
1.0 mg Z101029 $2,700.00
Recombinant Human MIP-1 beta (CCL4L1) E. coli10 µg Z102105 $70.00
100 µg Z102107 $500.00
1.0 mg Z102109 $2,700.00
Recombinant Human MIP-3 (CCL23) E. coli20 µg Z100695 $70.00
100 µg Z100697 $245.00
1.0 mg Z100699 $1,690.00
Recombinant Human MIP-3 alpha (CCL20) E. coli25 µg Z100705 $130.00
1.0 mg Z100709 $2,400.00
Recombinant Human MIP-3 beta (CCL19) E. coli20 µg Z101945 $70.00
1.0 mg Z101949 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human MIP-4 (CCL18) E. coli10 µg Z100715 $70.00
100 µg Z100717 $245.00
1.0 mg Z100719 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human RANTES (CCL5) E. coli20 µg Z100785 $100.00
1.0 mg Z100789 $2,400.00
Recombinant Human TARC (CCL17) E. coli20 µg Z100835 $70.00
1.0 mg Z100839 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Mouse CCL22 E. coli20 µg Z200315 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200319 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse CCL25 E. coli20 µg Z200325 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200329 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse Eotaxin (CCL11) E. coli20 µg Z200035 $70.00
100 µg Z200037 $250.00
1.0 mg Z200039 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse Eotaxin-2 (CCL24) E. coli20 µg Z200405 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200409 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse Exodus-2 (CCL21A) E. coli20 µg Z200045 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200049 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse MCP-2 (CCL8) E. coli20µg Z200395 $70.00
200 µg Z200397 $550.00
1.0 mg Z200399 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse MCP-5 (CCL12) E. coli25 µg Z200385 $70.00
100 µg Z200387 $220.00
1.0 mg Z200389 $1,200.00
Recombinant Mouse MEC (CCL28) E. coli20 µg Z200335 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200339 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse MIP-1 gamma (CCL9) E. coli20 µg Z200375 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200379 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse MIP-3 (CCL19) E. coli20 µg Z200455 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200459 $1,750.00
Recombinant Rat Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Rat Eotaxin (CCL11) E. coli20 µg Z300145 $70.00
100 µg Z300147 $270.00
1.0 mg Z300149 $1,890.00
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