Coronavirus/SARS-CoV-2 Accessory Materials

We offer more than just Coronavirus /SARS-CoV-2 materials - we are also the wholesale supplier of RNA isolation kits, supersensitive Reverse Transcriptases, Taq polymerases, dNTPs, and Taq polymerase antibodies. Assemble testing kits using raw materials from our vast collection.

RT-qPCR Detection Kit Components

Real-Time PCR tests are at the front lines of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics and abm offer the enzymes and materials you need to assemble gold standard diagnostic kits. As leading original manufacturers of PCR reagents for over a decade, abm products are used in labs worldwide, offering superior performance and competitive pricing compared to other brands on the market.

MegaFi™ DNA Polymerase
  • For ultra high-fidelity PCR
  • Amplify difficult templates (AT- and GC-rich DNA)
G896, G897
BlasTaq™ 2X qPCR MasterMix
  • Dye-based
  • Suitable for routine applications
G891, G892
TaqProbe 2X qPCR MasterMix
  • Probe-based
  • Supports multiplex detection of target genes from SARS-CoV-2 virus
OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase
  • Synthesize cDNA from only 0.1 pg of RNA
  • Engineered for suppressed RNase H activity
  • Elongates up to 9 kb
  • Required for detecting the RNA-based virus, SARS-CoV-2
One-Step BrightGreen qRT-PCR Kit
  • One dye-based kit for routine downstream applications
  • All reagents required for detection of SARS-CoV-2 from RNA extraction samples (RT + MasterMix)
One-Step TaqProbe qRT-PCR Kit
  • One probe-based kit for routine downstream applications
  • All reagents required for detection of SARS-CoV-2 from RNA extraction samples (RT + MasterMix)
Primer Synthesis Service Our in-house software and simulations ensure excellent primer designs with high specificity and low primer dimer formationC132, C133, C231
Probe Synthesis Service Our in-house software and simulations ensure probe designs with with effective binding and efficient probe hydrolysisC134, C135, C136, C137, C330-C335
ultRNA Column Purification Kit Fast and efficient method for purifying total RNA from animal cells or tissues for downstream RNA-based analysesG487
ultRNA Plus Column Purification Kit Includes a gDNRA filter designed to shear DNA completely and minimize DNA contamination. Recommended for use with tissue or cell samples (>106 cells)G489

Antibody Detection Kit Components

Antibody rapid test strips are being used to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and abm supplies a large variety of IgG and IgM antibodies suitable for ELISA, WB, and more.

Anti-Human IgG AntibodiesBrowse our collection of 90+ Anti-Human IgG AntibodiesView Products
Anti-Human IgM AntibodiesBrowse our collection of 30+ Anti-Human IgG AntibodiesView Products
Secondary AntibodiesBrowse our collection of labelled/conjugated secondary antibodiesView Products
BSASalt-free FormView Products
Hepes, Sodium SaltHigh PurityView Products
DTTDisulfide bond reducing agentView Products

Viral Transport Media Components

Safely preserve and transport infectious biological specimens without the need for dry ice. Our Viral Transport Solution is specially formulated to inhibit bacterial and fungal flora from collected samples.

Sample Collection and Viral Transport SolutionFlocked swabs includedG631