Custom CRISPR Activation sgRNA Cloning

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Service Description Titer Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom-designed CRISPR activation sgRNAs CRISPR activation sgRNA Lentivector Custom CRISPR activation lentivector Not applicable 1.0 μg DNA C180 $95.00
Custom CRISPR activation lentivector (Set of three) Not applicable 3 × 1.0 μg C181 $245.00
CRISPR activation sgRNA Lentivirus Custom CRISPR activation lentivirus >1×107IU/ml 300μl C182 $345.00
Custom CRISPR activation lentivirus (Set of three) >1×107IU/ml 3 × 300μl C183 $775.00
Custom CRISPR activation lentivirus (Pool of three) >1×107IU/ml 300μl C184 $495.00
Service Details
  CRISPR activation (CRISPRa) harnesses the fully-customizable DNA targeting ability of the catalytically inactive dCas9, fused to a Synergistic Activation Mediator (dCas9-SAM) to induce gene expression activation in living cells. By targeting dCas9-SAM to the promoters of any mammalian gene via specially-designed single-guide RNAs (sgRNAs), expression levels can be boosted by as much as several thousand-fold!

  Our custom service offers sgRNAs designed especially for CRISPRa applications, and can be applied to any human gene. Simply send us the accession number of the gene of interest, and we will design, clone and deliver this powerful technology right to your fingertips! Our custom sgRNAs can be purchased either individually, or as sets of three, and are available as pre-packaged lentiviruses.
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