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DNA and Cloning Services

A one-stop source for research solutions, abm offers gene synthesis, cloning, and virus packaging services aimed to reduce the time, effort and money spent by researchers.

abm's top-notch custom services include, but are not limited to:

  • subcloning
  • gene synthesis
  • codon optimization (upon request)
  • mutagenesis
  • expression vector customization: tissue-specific promoters, fluorescent reporters, tags and lox sites, and drug resistance markers
  • Sanger sequencing (SpeedySeq)
  • Virus packaging of custom subcloned vectors

Our experienced scientists will assemble your ready-to-use plasmid accurately, rapidly, and economically.

"Of all the companies I have reached out to, abm has been the best in terms of explaining the technology and how it fits my application."

Tim Erickson, Ingenovax, Custom Cloning Service

Dr. Jorge Alberto Vásquez, Industrial Biotechnology Center, Palmira, Colombia - rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing Service


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