Plasmid Purification Service

At abm we have a breadth of experience in purifying plasmid DNA. As a result, we offer high quality custom nucleic acid and plasmid DNA purification services of Transfection Grade for mammalian cells or Ready-to-Inject for transgenic applications. Our plasmid purification services use the E.coli DH5α strain to produce optimal quality for downstream cell culture applications.

"I am a fan of abm: great product quality, great price, great rewards and great experience."

Dr. Vincent Emond, Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec CHUL

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Service Details

Service NameCat. No.Price per mg
High‑Copy Plasmids:
Endo-toxin Free, High Quality Plasmid Purification for up to 1.0 mg C034 $195.00
Endo-toxin Free, High Quality Plasmid Purification for 2-4 mg C035 $145.00
Endo-toxin Free, High Quality Plasmid Purification for 5-9 mg C036 $125.00
Endo-toxin Free, High Quality Plasmid Purification for 10-20 mg C037 $109.00
Endo-toxin Free, High Quality Plasmid Purification for 21-40 mg C038 $99.00
Endo-toxin Free, High Quality Plasmid Purification for 41-60 mg C039 $89.00
Endo-toxin Free, High Quality Plasmid Purification for 60-100 mg C040 $79.00
For medium or low copy plasmids, please inquire.
*Pricing is per mg, in US dollars and for high-copy plasmids.

Additional Info

Key Features
Grade Transfection grade and ready-to-Inject
Applications Transfection of mammalian cells or injection for transgenic applications
Strain Default E. coli strain is DH5α, for any other strains please inquire
Confidentiality All customer information is held in strict confidence and we will only archive customer’s materials upon request.
Flexibility Custom quotation available for different strains and to meet specific project requirements

Project Design/Advice Assistance

All of abm's custom services are performed by a group of specially trained and experienced scientists partaking in a streamlined workflow. Inquire with us today!


I want to learn more about your ready to inject BAC purification services. I have 2 BAC clones that need to be isolated, digested (linearized), and purified for pronuclear injection in mice.
Though the BAC is much larger than regular plasmid, we can still offer this service as long as the BAC is under 15kb. For BAC service, a special quotation has to be offered, depending on the nature of a particular plasmid. The digestion will cost another $100~200/100ug depending which enzymes to be used as some enzymes are more expensive than others.
How much plasmid do I need to send you? How do you want it to be sent?
Please send in at least 1 μg of plasmid DNA or your transformed bacteria. Information for the host bacteria is required if you are sending transformed bacteria with your plasmids. Also, please provide the antibiotic selection marker if available.
What sort of information do I need to provide for the service?
Number of plasmid. Amount of DNA for each plasmid. Plasmid map to check for transformation strain compatibility. Antibiotic for proper plasmid selection. Insert name so it can be confirmed to not be toxic or pathogenic. High or low copy plasmid.
Can I send my plasmid as bacterial stocks?
Typically, we request to receive the plasmids in liquid format as purified DNA, since this is most stable. However, bacterial stocks would also be suitable, provided that they are shipped to us within 2-3 days of preparation to ensure that the bacteria retain the plasmid.


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