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Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production
  Key requirements for successful monoclonal antibody generation include immunization strategies, antigen design, and screening technologies. abm's novel immunization procedures and careful mouse strain selection allows for production of monoclonal antibodies which are of the utmost affinity and specificity. This is because we take great care in designing the antigens for antibody production, especially with respect to synthesizing peptides, to generate a robust antibody that is able to recognize conformational changes of the native protein under the optimum number of conditions.
  Mouse monoclonal antibody production is divided into different phases, with a non-refundable $1,000 to cover the material cost to initiate the project. The balance will be due upon service completion. Our price includes antigen protein production and guaranteed western blot results, which are not included in competitor's services. All you need to do is give us the gene accession number and we will take care of everything else. This unique service is only available from abm.

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Service Description Cat. No. Price
Complete Package
  1. Antigen production
  2. Immunization (5 mice/antigen) and Sera Testing by ELISA
  3. Fusion and Colony Screening
  4. Subcloning, Colony Expansion and Freezing
  5. Guaranteed western blot positive clones (2 clones)
  6. Antibody Purification from Ascites by Protein A/G (2 clones, 3mg each)
C080 $5,000.00
Package without protein production
  1. Immunization (5 mice/antigen) and Sera Testing by ELISA
  2. Fusion and Colony Screening
  3. Subcloning, Colony Expansion and Freezing
  4. Guaranteed western blot positive clones (2 clones)
  5. Antibody Purification from Ascites by Protein A/G (2 clones, 3mg each)
C087 $3,200.00
Additional Clone(s) Steps 4 and 5 C081 $500.00 per Clone
Ascites Production Production from 1-25 Mice C082 $15.00 per Mouse
Production from 26-50 Mice C083 $12.50 per Mouse
Production from 51-100 Mice C084 $10.00 per Mouse
Production from 101-150 Mice C085 $9.50 per Mouse
Production from 151-200 Mice C086 $9.00 per Mouse
Production from 200+ Mice Inquire $8.00-22.50 per Mouse Inquire
The customer can provide a peptide antigen or a ready-to-inject antigen for monoclonal antibody production. When using a peptide antigen supplied by the customer, an additional charge of $200.00 is applied for KLH conjugation.
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What assay do you use to confirm the functionality of the produced antibody?
For mouse monoclonal antibody service, we use Western blotting to ensure the produced antibody have affinity and specificity towards the antigen. Immunohistochemistry and Immunoprecipition tests are also available, however are NOT included in the production service.
What is the shortest length peptide that you can produce an antibody against?
To produce an antibody that has specificity and affinity at acceptable levels, we require a minimum of 20 amino acids.
Can you produce an antibody against a native protein?
Yes, however to guarantee the antibody is effective against the native protein purified native protein must be used for immunization. Recombinant protein or peptide extracts can also be used to immunize, but we can not guarantee these will be effective against the native protein due to folding and other conformational issues. We only guarantee that the immunized protein (native or recombinant) or peptide will be recognized by the produced antibody.
What is the isotype of antibody your production produces?
Mainly our process results in IgG2a and IgG2b antibodies.
What concentration and amount of antigen is required for production if I am supplying the protein/peptide?
For peptide antigens we require at least 2mg, while if it is a protein 5mg with concentrations of 0.5-1.0mg/ml are acceptable.
Do you deliver the Hybridoma cells along with the custom antibody?
Yes, the customer will receive the custom hybridoma cells along with the custom antibody.
What information do I need to provide to obtain a quote?
Please provide:
1) The peptide antigen design
2) Mouse monoclonal or Polyclonal Antibody Production?
3) Are you looking for the standard service or complete service?

Please email this information to
Why abm?
We work closely with you to design the process and provide regular updates on the project. You have the option to start or stop the project from any stages of the rabbit monoclonal antibody generation. Customers will be responsible for the material and labour cost incur if chose to stop the project from any stages of the development.