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5' UTR Reporter Constructs

Every gene has a 5’ UTR and 3’ UTR (Untranslated Region) upstream and downstream, respectively, of the coding region. While 3’ UTRs are the major focus of regulatory research, it’s been found that 5’ UTRs also mediate translational regulation via elements such as upstream start codons (uAUGs), upstream open reading frames (uORFs), secondary structures, RNA binding protein (RBP) binding motifs, and miRNA binding.

Use abm’s 5’ UTR Reporter Vectors consist of the 5’ UTR of the gene of your choice preceding a GFP or Luciferase reporter, driven by a β-actin promoter. These vectors are ideal for studying the regulation of protein by 5’ UTR elements. The 5’ UTR reporter constructs can be combined with our Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service (Cat. No. C047) in order to define RBP or miRNA binding sites, or investigate the effects of uAUGs or uORFs on gene expression.


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Product Reporter Amount Cat No. Price
Custom 5’ UTR Reporter Lentiviral Vector Subcloning (GFP) EGFP 1.0 μg C451 $350.00
Custom 5’ UTR Reporter Lentiviral Vector Subcloning (Luc) Firefly Luciferase 1.0 μg C452 $350.00
Gene Synthesis
*minimum charge of $99.00
Per bp C098 $0.18
*To order a custom 5’ UTR Vector, both gene synthesis and subcloning services are required.
Controls Reporter Amount Cat No. Price
Blank 5’ UTR Reporter Lentiviral Vector (GFP) EGFP 1.0 μg LV657 $150.00
Blank 5’ UTR Reporter Lentiviral Vector (Luc) Firefly Luciferase 1.0 μg LV658 $150.00
Add-Ons Amount Cat No. Price
Site Directed Mutagenesis Service Single Clone C047 $150.00
Plasmid Amplification (10-20 μg) 10-20 μg C309 $75.00
Plasmid Amplification (80-100 μg) 80-100 μg C310 $150.00
Bacterial Glycerol Stock 1 Clone C139 $25.00
Custom Lentivirus Packaging Service 106-1010 IU/ml Click here From $650

All of abm’s UTR reporter vectors are available as ready-to-use DNA plasmids, or packaged into lentiviral particles. Our UTR reporter vectors can be directly transfected into target cells for transient expression, while lentiviral particles allow difficult-to-transfect cells, such as primary cells, to be efficiently transduced for stable, long term expression.
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