DCUN1D2 Protein Vector


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Human DCUN1D2 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-C-His) BC056669 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV011841$275.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-GST) BC056669 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV343279$275.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-MBP) BC056669 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV343278$275.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-N-His) BC056669 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV011842$275.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-HA) BC056669 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV011843$275.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-His) BC056669 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV011844$275.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) BC056669 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV343280$495.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-His) BC056669 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV343281$495.00
Mouse DCUN1D2 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001042650 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV170946$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001042651 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV170950$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001024504 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV170954$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001042649 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV170958$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001042650 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV486799$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001042651 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV486803$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001024504 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV486807$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001042649 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV486811$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001042650 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV486798$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001042651 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV486802$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001024504 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV486806$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001042649 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV486810$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001042650 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV170947$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001042651 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV170951$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001024504 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV170955$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001042649 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV170959$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001042650 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV170948$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001042651 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV170952$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001024504 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV170956$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001042649 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV170960$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001042650 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV170949$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001042651 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV170953$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001024504 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV170957$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001042649 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV170961$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001042650 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV486800$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001042651 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV486804$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001024504 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV486808$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001042649 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV486812$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001042650 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV486801$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001042651 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV486805$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001024504 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV486809$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001042649 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV486813$545.00
Rat DCUN1D2 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-C-His) NM_001134798 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV263350$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001134798 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV579199$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001134798 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV579198$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-N-His) NM_001134798 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV263351$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001134798 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV263352$545.00
DCUN1D2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-His) NM_001134798 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV263353$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001134798 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV579200$545.00
Dcun1d2 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001134798 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV579201$545.00
Blank Control Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPM-Blank 500 ng PV001$85.00
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPB-Blank 500 ng PV002$85.00
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