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ENDOD1 siRNA Oligos set (Human)


ENDOD1 siRNA Oligos set (Human)

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Cat.No.: i506919
Quantity: 3 x 5 nmol
Price: $550.00
Stock: 3-5 Weeks
Phone: 604-247-2416 (Local), 1-866-757-2414 (Toll free)
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Larger scales for siRNA oligos and controls are available. Please contact for details.
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Species Human
Accession Number NM_015036
Components Included 3 x 5nmol (2 OD duplex, 1 OD single) of chemically modified siRNA oligos (3 target sequences)
1 x 2.5nmol (1 OD duplex, 0.5 OD single) of positive control siRNA
1 x 2.5nmol (1 OD duplex, 0.5 OD single) of negative control siRNA
1 x 2.5nmol (1 OD duplex, 0.5 OD single) of FAM-labeled negative control siRNA
Conversion of ODs, nmols and μg 1 OD = 2.5 nmol siRNA (duplex) = 5 nmol siRNA (single-stranded) = 33 μg
Additional Reagents Required (not supplied) RNAifectin(Cat.No.G073)
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Target Sequence Sequence available upon placing order
Chemical Modifiation 2'-OMe modification for increased stability and low cell toxicity
Format Lyophilized double stranded siRNA oligos
Purification HPLC
Storage Upon receipt, -70°C for long term storage; -20°C for short term storage.
Recommended storage concentration is above 20μM.
After reconstitution, store in aliquots to avoid repeated freeze-thawing.
Shelf Life Up to 6 months if stored at -20°C or below after reconstitution in a non-frost free freezer.
1 year lyophilized (when at -20°C or below in a non-frost free freezer)
Shipping Shipped at ambient temperature
Caution This product is for research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications. Please contact a technical service representative for more information.
More Information abm guarantees that at least one out of the three siRNA oligos purchased in a set will result in over 70% knockdown of gene expression (qPCR) within target cells showing >50% transfection efficiency. If this is not the case, we will provide a one-time replacement of three new constructs with alternative siRNA sequences. To qualify for this replacement, the oligos must be transfected at the appropriate amounts (see Troubleshooting section of the User Manual) and assayed at least 48 hours post-transfection. Customers must provide adequate data to show >50% transfection efficiency with a positive control, plus additional qPCR data or a western blot to evaluate the level of gene expression. The replacement set will not covered by the same guarantee, and if these constructs are also considered to be ineffective then it is most likely the gene is not susceptible to siRNA knockdown. abm limits its obligation and liability for the success of this technology to providing one replacement of any siRNA oligo product only. Before sending your inquiry, please make sure you have optimized your experiments as far as possible, this includes (where applicable) optimizing the siRNA concentration and the duration of transfection (up to 72 hours). Please send all replacement inquiries and experimental data to
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