A small niche sector ancillary to abm's mainstream portfolio is its inventory for both new and used lab-equipment/lab-ware and lab consumables. abm's inventory comprises many routine instruments such as new electrophoresis systems; gel viewing and documentation systems; microplate illuminators; graduated cylinders and glassware of various sizes. abm also provides all the routine lab consumables including microcentrifuge tubes, conical tubes, pipetting tips, as well as high quality cell culture plastics such as culturing plates, dishes and flasks. A great value for any lab, these instruments/consumables offer competitive pricing and quality with respect to global standards.

With a limited inventory on surplus equipment, we encourage you to take advantage of the availability while it lasts! Alternatively, if you have equipment you are no longer using and are interested in trading a surplus item from us, please contact us to determine your eligibility for an Equipment Exchange at order@abmgood.com.