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Recombinant Human Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Human FGF1 E. coli50 µg Z100005 $40.00
250 µg Z100007 $150.00
1.0 mg Z100009 $525.00
Recombinant Human FGF10 E. coli25 µg Z100205 $70.00
100 µg Z100207 $210.00
1.0 mg Z100209 $1,350.00
Recombinant Human FGF16 E. coli20 µg Z102295 $70.00
100 µg Z102297 $245.00
1.0 mg Z102299 $1,000.00
Recombinant Human FGF17 E. coli20 µg Z102305 $70.00
100 µg Z102307 $245.00
1.0 mg Z102309 $1,350.00
Recombinant Human FGF18 E. coli20 µg Z102315 $70.00
200 µg Z102317 $490.00
1.0 mg Z102319 $1,350.00
Recombinant Human FGF19 E. coli25 µg Z102325 $130.00
1.0 mg Z102329 $2,700.00
Recombinant Human FGF2 E. coli50 µg Z101455 $40.00
100 µg Z101456 $60.00
500 µg Z101457 $190.00
1.0 mg Z101459 $504.00
Recombinant Human FGF20 E. coli30 µg Z101715 $70.00
150 µg Z101717 $220.00
1.0 mg Z101719 $1,200.00
Recombinant Human FGF21 E. coli20 µg Z101105 $70.00
100 µg Z101107 $245.00
250 µg Z101109 $400.00
Recombinant Human FGF23 E. coli20 µg Z100985 $160.00
1.0 mg Z100989 $3,500.00
Recombinant Human FGF3 E. coli20 µg Z102285 $120.00
Recombinant Human FGF4 HEK29310 µg Z102715 $165.00
100 µg Z102717 $1,295.00
Recombinant Human FGF4 E. coli25 µg Z102605 $70.00
100 µg Z102607 $210.00
1.0 mg Z102609 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human FGF6 E. coli25 µg Z101685 $200.00
Recombinant Human FGF8 HEK29310 µg Z102735 $195.00
100 µg Z102737 $995.00
Recombinant Human FGF8 E. coli50 µg Z101705 $70.00
1.0 mg Z101709 $1,200.00
Recombinant Human FGF9 E. coli20 µg Z100215 $160.00
1.0 mg Z100219 $3,500.00
Recombinant Human FGF9 CHO cells50 µg Z101125 $420.00
Recombinant Human KGF (FGF7) HEK29310 µg Z102725 $395.00
100 µg Z102727 $2,295.00
Recombinant Human KGF (FGF7) E. coli10 µg Z100595 $70.00
100 µg Z100597 $390.00
1.0 mg Z100599 $3,276.00
Recombinant Human KGF (FGF7) CHO cells25 µg Z101335 $760.00
Recombinant Mouse Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Mouse FGF1 E. coli50 µg Z200005 $70.00
200 µg Z200007 $240.00
1.0 mg Z200009 $600.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF2 E. coli50 µg Z200015 $70.00
250 µg Z200017 $325.00
1.0 mg Z200019 $882.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF8 E. coli50 µg Z200635 $70.00
1.0 mg Z200639 $1,200.00
Recombinant Mouse KGF (FGF7) E. coli10 µg Z200185 $70.00
100 µg Z200187 $580.00
1.0 mg Z200189 $1,500.00
Recombinant Rat Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Rat FGF2 E. coli50 µg Z300005 $70.00
250 µg Z300007 $195.00
1.0 mg Z300009 $770.00
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