abm offers a comprehensive library of premade adenoviruses containing full-length ORFs for human, mouse, and rat genes driven by a strong CMV promoter.

As part of our adenovirus expression system, our recombinant adenoviruses are available with a choice of no tag, His tag, HA tag, or GFP reporter. abm's premade adenoviruses are delivered to you packaged and ready to use.

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Why Use Adenovirus?

  • High infection efficiency and subsequent yield of recombinant protein
  • Broad host range (dividing and non-dividing, stem cells, and primary cells)
  • Non integrating (no risk of affecting host gene expression)
  • Large insert capacity (up to 8 kb)
  • Low immunogenicity (post-infection cell viability is very high)
  • Can be used in vivo and in vitro
  • Biosafety: We use replication-incompetent (-E1/-E3) human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5)

Control Adenoviruses

Product Name Size Cat. No. Status Price
Adeno CMV Null Adenovirus 1.0 ml 000047A Premade $245.00
Adenovirus Null Adenovirus 1.0 ml 000048A Premade $245.00
β-gal Adenovirus (E. coli) 1.0 ml 000197A Premade $245.00
RFP Adenovirus (Fish) 1.0 ml 000200A Premade $245.00
GFP Adenovirus 1.0 ml 000541A Ready to

Our Premade Adenovirus Vectors:

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