HPV High Risk Genotypes Detection (qPCR) Kit

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Product FeaturesThe HPV High Risk Genotypes Detection (qPCR) Kit is designed for quick initial screening of research samples for the presence of all 14 High Risk human papilloma virus (HPV) subtypes. This RUO kit allows for the specific detection and discrimination between HPV 16, HPV 18, and nonspecific pooled detection of the other 12 high risk HPV subtypes (HPV 31, HPV 33, HPV 35, HPV 39, HPV 45, HPV 51, HPV 52, HPV 56, HPV 58, HPV 59, HPV 66, and HPV 68). A human β-Actin internal control is also used in the HPV High Risk Genotypes Detection (qPCR) Kit to assess specimen quality and ensure the reliability of the HPV detection results.
Protocol OverviewThe HPV High Risk Genotypes Detection (qPCR) Kit uses probe-based qPCR technology to detect HPV with high specificity. Each sequence-specific probe contains a 5’ fluorophore and a 3’ quencher. On its own, the probe’s 3’ quencher effectively absorbs the emission from the nearby 5’ fluorophore so that no net fluorescence is detected. During PCR amplification, the probe binds to its specific target template. While replicating the DNA sample, the PCR Taq Polymerase’s 5’ to 3’ exonuclease activity also hydrolyzes the probe, releasing a free-floating 5’ fluorophore that is detectable by the qPCR machine and can be translated into an amplification plot. This HPV qPCR kit identifies 14 types of high risk HPV and a Human β-Actin control using 4 fluorescence channels in one tube: FAM, HEX, ROX and Cy5. As a result, this kit can not only detect the 14 high risk HPV types, it is capable of distinguishing HPV 16 and 18 from the other types. The internal control, Human β-Actin, indicates the quality of extracted DNA.
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For RESEARCH USE ONLY, not for use as a diagnostic device.


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