LY6E Protein Vector


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Human LY6E Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-C-His) BC119708 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV054893$425.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-GST) BC119708 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV379063$425.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-MBP) BC119708 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV379062$425.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-N-His) BC119708 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV054894$425.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-HA) BC119708 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV054895$425.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-His) BC119708 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV054896$425.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) BC119708 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV379064$495.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-His) BC119708 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV379065$495.00
Mouse LY6E Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001164037 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV198226$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001164038 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV198230$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001164039 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV198234$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001164040 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV198238$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_008529 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV198242$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001164036 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV198246$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001164037 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV514079$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001164038 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV514083$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001164039 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV514087$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001164040 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV514091$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_008529 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV514095$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001164036 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV514099$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001164037 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV514078$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001164038 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV514082$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001164039 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV514086$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001164040 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV514090$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_008529 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV514094$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001164036 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV514098$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001164037 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV198227$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001164038 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV198231$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001164039 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV198235$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001164040 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV198239$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_008529 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV198243$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001164036 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV198247$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001164037 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV198228$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001164038 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV198232$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001164039 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV198236$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001164040 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV198240$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_008529 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV198244$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001164036 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV198248$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001164037 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV198229$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001164038 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV198233$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001164039 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV198237$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001164040 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV198241$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_008529 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV198245$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001164036 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV198249$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001164037 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV514080$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001164038 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV514084$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001164039 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV514088$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001164040 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV514092$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_008529 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV514096$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001164036 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV514100$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001164037 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV514081$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001164038 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV514085$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001164039 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV514089$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001164040 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV514093$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_008529 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV514097$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001164036 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV514101$545.00
Rat LY6E Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
LY6E Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-C-His) NM_001017467 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV280474$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001017467 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV596323$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001017467 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV596322$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-N-His) NM_001017467 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV280475$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001017467 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV280476$545.00
LY6E Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-His) NM_001017467 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV280477$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001017467 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV596324$545.00
Ly6e Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001017467 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV596325$545.00
Blank Control Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPM-Blank 500 ng PV001$85.00
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPB-Blank 500 ng PV002$85.00
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