As a leader in lentiviral technology, abm has developed a comprehensive library of human, mouse and rat genes cloned into lentiviral vectors or ready-to-use lentivirus, which can be used to manipulate the expression of your gene of interest within a wide range of host cells. To facilitate the application and versatility of our lentiviral vectors, our lentiviral expression system is now available with many combinations of inducible or constitutive promoters, tag sequences and reporter genes.

Our Lentivirus Infectivity Data Speaks for Itself

Neurons infected by abm Lentiviruses Functional expression of channelrhodopsin-2 Lentivirus C.reinhardtii (ABM, LVP010100). Virus applied to dissociated embryonic rat neuronal cultures at 1 MOI. A, C, images showing EYFP expression with white arrows highlighting the neurons selected for electrophysiology. B, D, whole-cell patch-clamp recordings showing example photocurrents (from A, C) stimulated by 465nm light. (Data gathered by Dr. Emily Johnson, Andrew Trevelyan’s lab, Newcastle University, UK. CANDO project (www.cando.ac.uk/) funded through the Wellcome Trust (102037) and EPSRC (NS/A000026/1)).

Choosing the right promoter for your host system:

Promoter Applications
Cumate Inducible expression system with significantly less background leakage than traditional inducible systems. For more information, view our Cumate Inducible Systems section.
CMV The most widely used promoter. Very strong gene expression promoter in most cellular systems; weak activity in human and mouse stem cells.
EF1α Strong expression promoter; highly efficient in stem cells. Good for stable expression from long term cultures.
UbC Relatively low expression promoter. Sustains stable expression.
PGK Medium expression promoter. Highest efficiency in stem cells; Sustains stable activity in long term cultures of undifferentiated stem cells.

Tag: The CMV promoter vector is offered with or without the HA Tag. The addition of a tag can help you detect the protein by western blot or IHC, or facilitate downstream protein purification if needed.

Reporters: abm offers both GFP and RFP in a Bicistronic format (driven by a separate promoter to the GOI), allowing you to monitor transfection and infection.

Viral packaging: abm's lentiviral vectors can be packaged using our 2nd and 3rd Generation Lentiviral Packaging Mixes. We also offer competitive pricing on rapid high-titer lentiviral packaging services.

If you can't find your gene or if you want the gene cloned into another vector, we also offer custom lentivirus subcloning and viral packaging services.

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