MDM1 Protein Vector


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Human MDM1 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-C-His) BC022042 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV025397$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-C-His) BC028355 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV025401$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-GST) BC022042 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV380943$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-GST) BC028355 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV380947$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-MBP) BC022042 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV380942$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-His-MBP) BC028355 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV380946$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-N-His) BC022042 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV025398$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPB-N-His) BC028355 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV025402$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-HA) BC022042 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV025399$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-HA) BC028355 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV025403$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-His) BC022042 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV025400$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-C-His) BC028355 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV025404$275.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) BC022042 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV380944$495.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) BC028355 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV380948$950.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-His) BC022042 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV380945$495.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Human) (pPM-N-D-C-His) BC028355 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV380949$950.00
Mouse MDM1 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_010785 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV199922$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001162904 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV199926$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_001162905 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV199930$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-C-His) NM_148922 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV199934$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_010785 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV515775$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001162904 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV515779$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001162905 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV515783$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-GST) NM_148922 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV515787$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_010785 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV515774$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001162904 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV515778$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001162905 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV515782$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_148922 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV515786$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_010785 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV199923$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001162904 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV199927$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_001162905 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV199931$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPB-N-His) NM_148922 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV199935$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_010785 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV199924$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001162904 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV199928$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001162905 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV199932$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-HA) NM_148922 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV199936$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_010785 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV199925$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001162904 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV199929$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_001162905 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV199933$1,000.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-C-His) NM_148922 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV199937$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_010785 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV515776$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001162904 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV515780$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001162905 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV515784$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_148922 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV515788$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_010785 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV515777$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001162904 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV515781$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001162905 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV515785$1,000.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Mouse) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_148922 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV515789$1,000.00
Rat MDM1 Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Expression Cat. No. Price
MDM1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-C-His) NM_001017459 pPB-C-HisBacterial PV281622$545.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-GST) NM_001017459 pPB-His-GSTBacterial PV597471$545.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-His-MBP) NM_001017459 pPB-His-MBPBacterial PV597470$545.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPB-N-His) NM_001017459 pPB-N-HisBacterial PV281623$545.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-HA) NM_001017459 pPM-C-HAMammalian PV281624$545.00
MDM1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-C-His) NM_001017459 pPM-C-HisMammalian PV281625$545.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-HA) NM_001017459 pPM-N-D-C-HAMammalian PV597472$545.00
Mdm1 Protein Vector (Rat) (pPM-N-D-C-His) NM_001017459 pPM-N-D-C-HisMammalian PV597473$545.00
Blank Control Protein Vectors
Product Name Acc. No. Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPM-Blank 500 ng PV001$85.00
Blank-Control Protein Vector N/A pPB-Blank 500 ng PV002$85.00
Cat. No. Product Name Qty. Promo/% Off Amount
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