Minicircle DNA & iPSC Plasmids

  ABM is the leading provider for iPSC or iPS Cell minicircle DNA. In addition to minicircle DNA with CMV promoter, ABM is the only company that offers minicircle DNA with an EF1α promoter, which is the only truly xeno-free plasmid without any sequence of bacterial or viral origin. The minicircle DNA requires only a simple transfection and transgene expression can be easily monitored with GFP.
  iPSCs free of any vector integration would be the ideal choice for any biomedical research. To this end, oriP/EBNA1 (Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen-1)-based episomal vectors, iPS Cell factors have been shown to effective in the generation of vector-free iPS Cells. The oriP/EBNA1 method only involves a simple transfection and drug selection.

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