Ni-IDA Agarose Beads


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Ni-IDA Agarose Resins for Protein Purification 5.0 ml G250 $70.00*
Ni-IDA Agarose Resins for Protein Purification 25 ml G251 $280.00*
Ni-IDA Agarose Resins for Protein Purification 100 ml G253 $605.00*
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Detailed Information
Affinity chromatography is a method of separating biochemical mixtures based on highly specific molecular interactions. The Ni-IDA agarose is developed for the purification of proteins with an affinity tag of six consecutive histidine residues. This histidine-metal ion interaction makes one-step purification possible for proteins from any expression system, under native or denaturing conditions. The His-tag sequence binds to Ni2+ cations, which are immobilized onto a solid support using iminodiacetic acid groups (IDA). Impurities are removed and the purified His-tagged proteins can be eluted by imidazole or a reduced pH solution.
  • Purification of His-tagged proteins.
  • Antibody purification.
  • Assays involving protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions.
  • Structural and functional investigation of proteins.
  • Special Features
  • One-step easy purification protocol from crude lysate to >95% pure protein.
  • Purification under native or denaturing conditions.
  • Ready-to-use for any scale of purification.
  • Protein binding capacity: approx. 20-40 μmol Ni2+/ml gel.
  • Economical value.
  • Can be used for successive cycles.
  • Resins and columns formats suitable for batch and gravity purification.
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    Purified protein fractions can be detected using Anti-His Tag Antibody
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