P200 Single Channel Pipette (20 µl - 200 µl)

B2521 Pipette



abm's Single Channel Pipettes are simple, purpose-built pipettes designed for reliable routine lab work. Our pipettes are lightweight and have low-force plungers, enabling you to use it for longer periods without experiencing fatigue/hand strain. Suitable for use with liquids of varying densities, these manual pipettes have tip-ejecting shafts that are corrosion-resistant and prevent cross-contamination.

These pipettes are an affordable addition to any lab, with pricing that's better than re-calibrating old pipettes. Save more when you buy a complete set of 4 pipettes (P2, P20, P10, P1000) for only $275 USD!

Key Features

  • Available in volume ranges from 0.1µl to 1000µl
  • Able to pipette liquids of varying densities
  • Hassle-free disassembly and cleaning of the pipette shaft
  • Comfortable and lightweight to reduce hand strain
  • Color-coded to easily distinguish volume/capacity ranges
  • Compatible with most standard commercially available tips

Easy Self-calibration

  • Each pipette comes with an easy-to-use calibration tool
  • Instead of sending pipettes for calibration, save time and money by doing it yourself


  • 1 Year Warranty

abm Single Channel Pipette Features

Reproducibility≤0.50 – 0.15%
Pipette Volume Range20 - 200 µl
Accuracy±1.8 – 0.6%
Unit quantity1 Pipette

Supporting Protocol



      Can I adjust volume with this pipette? What are the minumum and maximum volumes for it?
      Volume range: 20-200ul Accuracy: + 1.8-0.6% Repeat-ability: < 0.50-0.15%
      Are the pipettes air displacement pipettes or positive displacement pipettes?
      Our pipettes are air displacement pipettes, suitable for general molecular applications.
      Are the pipettes autoclavable?
      No, the pipettes are not autoclavable.
      Which tips are your pipettes compatible with?
      Our pipettes will fit Gilson and Eppendorf tips.

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