For any specific human, mouse or rat gene, abm offers you the added choice of protein expression vector, full-length recombinant protein or whole cell protein lysate (containing your recombinant protein of interest).

Our whole cell protein lysates are from HEK293 cells transfected with the gene of interest, that have subsequently been sonicated and boiled. The lysate is provided ready to load directly onto an SDS-PAGE gel, with no further need for chemical reduction or heating.

abm also offers the option of protein lysates with or without a C-terminal HA tag. This tag is useful for the detection of protein with an HA antibody in western blotting, in circumstances where the protein specific antibody is not available.

Please see below for an alphabetized list of available protein lysates. You may select and search for the 'gene name' or the accession number if known (adjust search term in the drop down menu as necessary).

Applications: Positive control for western blot and SDS-PAGE.

Key features of abm's protein lysates:

  • Each protein lysate can be provided with no Tag or a C terminal HA tag included. The existence of the HA tag facilitates the downstream detection or protein purification.

Can not find the protein lysate you need? Please contact our Technical Support for further assistance with our special Custom Services. We will be happy to help support your project requirements further in person.