RNA Mango

The most advanced RNA tracking, visualization and pull down technology.

Technology for studying the diverse cellular roles of RNA has lagged behind the tools for studying DNA and proteins, but innovative researchers are working to change that! One such researcher is Dr. Peter Unrau of Simon Fraser University. He and his team have created RNA Mango, a novel technology with a number of useful applications.

  • the RNA mango aptamer
  • tagging RNA with mango aptamer
  • RNA visualization with RNA mango
  • RNA pulldown with RNA mango

Details ▼

RNA Mango technology is based on the specific binding of the RNA Mango Aptamer and a Thizole Orange (TO) bi-functional dye. The main features of this technology is the tight binding between the dye and aptamer (KD ≈ 3nM) , and the strong ~1000X enhancement of the dye’s fluorescence when bound to the Mango aptamer (Fluorescent enhancement FE=1,100).

The TO dye has a number of other desirable properties including:
  • Small size
  • Lack of toxicity
  • Plasma and nuclear membrane permeability
  • Short intracellular half-life
  • The accessibility of a broad wavelength range simply via substitutions and alterations to the TO structure

  • TO1-biotin is the standard variety of TO dye for RNA Mango experiments; other dye variants will also be available soon.

    Publications ▼

    RNA Mango Fluorophores

    Product Size Cat. No. Price
    TO1-3PEG-Biotin Fluorophore 0.5 mg/ml (500 µl) G955 $195.00
    (more dyes coming soon)