While nucleic acids constitute the core blueprint, it is proteins that mediate the indispensible and crucial role of deciphering that blueprint and serving as effector molecules in the realm of life. As a corollary, it is thus not surprising that proteins offer unrivalled significance to both the pure and applied aspects of research and development relevant essentially, to any life-form ranging from the simplest to the most advanced. abm offers a wide range of recombinant human, rat and mouse proteins purified using an array of chromatographic procedures. For an alphabetic search of the desired recombinant protein kindly refer to the ‘gene name’ (see below). Note that the general search bar can also be used if the accession number is known (refer to the drop down menu).

Key features of abm’s recombinant proteins include:

  • Each recombinant protein can be provided in any of the following three formats:
    • Tag-less protein (tag is removed)
    • N-terminal 6X-histidine tagged (abbreviated; N-His)
    • C-terminal 6X-histidine tagged (abbreviated; C-His)
  • Recombinant protein purity of ≥ 90% as analyzed by SDS-PAGE
  • Option to receive the recombinant protein in a specified storage buffer (Cat.No.C118)*
  • Option to specify a desired concentration for the recombinant protein (Cat.No.C119)*
  • Option to receive the recombinant protein as a lyophilized powder (Cat.No.C125)
  • Can’t find your protein? For proteins other than those enlisted alphabetically, please look into abm's ‘Protein Production’ under ‘Custom Services’ (Custom Protein Production)

* Refer to the disclaimers section under any specific recombinant protein web-page