Retrovirus Expression Systems

Retroviral vectors have proven to be useful tools for either in vitro or in vivo stable integration of a transduced gene into the host cell chromosome via the integration mechanisms that they normally employ during their normal life cycle.

One of the significant advances in retroviral expression systems in recent years is the production of high titer recombinant retrovirus by transient transfection. The improvement allows for the production of high titer retroviruses within a week and eliminates the time-consuming process of generating a viral producer cell line.

Our Retro-Easy™ retroviral expression system includes a comprehensive line of retroviral vectors with very flexible multiple cloning sites for easy subcloning of your gene of interest into any of our retroviral vectors. The His and HA fusion tag compatible vectors (pRetro-E1™-HA and pRetro-E2™-His) allow for fusion gene expression in retroviral vectors with either a His or HA tag.

All our retroviral vectors are derived from Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MoMuLV).

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