Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

abm has over 10 years experience with Site-Directed Mutagenesis. We have successfully completed hundreds of orders including modification of plasmid DNA restriction sites, point mutations (insertions/deletions) and tag additions/removals. For larger plasmids and large fragment insertions/deletions, difficult templates, and other mutagenesis requests, please inquire with us below. 

Procedure PCR-Based Mutagenesis
Delivery Format Plasmid DNA
Lead Time In as little as 2-3 weeks for orders of 1.0 μg of DNA
Quality Control Full-length sequencing to confirm presence of mutation
DNA Submission Guidelines At least 5 μg DNA per clone required (>100 ng/μl). Plasmids must be high copy plasmids. For medium or low copy plasmids, please inquire.

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"Our lab has used abm's site-directed mutagenesis service many times, and you always produce great plasmids!"

Stuart Jarrett, University of Kentucky

Service Details

Core Services
Service Name Unit Cat. No. Price
Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service Single Clone C047 $150.00
Additional Services
Service Name Unit Cat. No. Price
DNA Sequencing Single Reaction C199 $7.50
DNA Sequencing with Custom Primer Synthesis Single Reaction C197 $13.50
Bacterial Agar Stab 1 clone C315 $40 
Plasmid Amplification (10-20 μg) 10‑20 μg C309 $75 per prep
Plasmid Amplification (80-100 μg) 80‑100 μg C310 $150 per prep
Mutate up to 25bp (consecutive) within a <2kb fragment in any existing abm product or a provided vector.
*Fragments over 2kb are subject to an additional charge of $100.00/kb (C100).
**To qualify for the rates on this service page, a minimum order of $450 is required. In addition to Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service, other products can be ordered to reach the minimum order value.

Additional Info

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Does this also apply for insertions/deletions/mutations that span >25 consecutive base pairs?
Pricing for Cat# C047 only applies for insertions/deletions/mutations that span <25 consecutive base pairs or fewer. Additional charges may apply for any insertions/deletions/mutations above the initial 25bp.


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