Stable Cell Line Generation Service

abm provides a high quality and a cost-effective service for creating a cell line expressing your gene of interest with a fast turnaround time. Alongside our extensive collection of gene expression vectors, our expertise in cell culture allows us to support and simplify your research projects according to your specific needs.

Our established and streamlined process offers lentiviral vector generation, lentivirus packaging, and clone selection, along with gene expression evaluation QC via qPCR. For any additional requirements, please inquire.

"abm has always been very helpful with technical assistance in any of our questions and concerns. I also consider the price for the services provided as very competitive, as other companies charge a multiple of abm's price."

Dr. Cameron Moshfegh, ETH Zurich

Service Details

Core Services
  1. Lentivirus packaging
  2. Clone screening by antibiotic selection
  3. Clone selection by gene expression evaluation
  4. Clonal expansion and cryopreservation
  1. 1 clone, 2 vials/clone**
  2. Service Report includes:
    1. Morphology Assessment
    2. qPCR Analysis on the Transgene expression
    3. Test results for the presence/absence of microbial contaminants, including bacterial and fungal testing.
    4. GFP/RFP/Luciferase test if reporter is present.
Add-On Services
Service Name Unit CAT. NO. PRICE
Gene Expression Assay Service^ 1 Marker C138 $165.00
Additional Clones 1 Clone C143 $350.00
Additional Vials of Delivered Cells^^^ 1 Vial C144 $300.00
HA Tag Validation (Up to 10 Clones Tested)# 1 Service C191 $400.00
Western Blot Validation Service## 1 Service C145 $975.00

Cell Line Authentication:
STR Profiling of 1 WT Human Parental Cell Line & 1 Human Stable Cell Line Clone

(For other species, please inquire)

1 Service C287 $195.00

^A Custom RNA Isolation Service will apply (Cat# C207, $450); up to 4 markers can be tested per RNA extraction service.
** abm will provide monoclonal stable cell lines expanded from a single cell as default deliverables. If the cells cannot survive single cell dilution, polyclonal cells will be provided as the deliverable.
# Service only applicable if gene of interest has an HA tag. abm will provide HA tag antibody.
## Please provide validated antibody and positive control
* Cells provided by customers must be mycoplasma-negative at the time of submission
*** A deposit and MTA is required to initiate all Stable Cell Line projects
^^^ Additional media or supplements may be required. For for-profit organizations and corporations, the price is 1.5 times the listing price.
- DNA construct cloning service available upon request.
- Lentiviral vector generation service available upon request.

Additional Info



How to Order

Follow these steps to order a Stable Cell Line Generation Service (quick view):

  1. To obtain a quote, please fill out the service questionnaire and submit to [email protected].

  2. Place an order and specify the quote number during order placement. Note that samples received without an order confirmation number indicated will be disposed immediately upon receipt to ensure that all customer information is held in strict confidence.
  3. Once you have received an order confirmation number, please set up shipment and submit:

    1. Cells: At least 2x106 cells/cell line along with passage number. You may also select any of the cell lines in our catalog.
    2. Complete Cell Culture Protocol
    3. What Antibiotic Resistance Markers Do Your Cells Have? Our vectors have puromycin resistance by default.
    4. Media: All necessary media components, including any applicable FBS, growth factors, etc. required for culturing (abm will only provide DMEM and RPMI). Please submit all components of the complete media individually. Also include instructions for making the complete media. Volume requirement: ≥1 L of complete media.
    5. Flasks: ≥5x coated 6-well plates & 10x T25 flasks if the cells require specially-treated vessels.
    6. Standard Verification Method: RT-PCR; please specify prior to order placement if other another option is preferred.
    7. Morphology of Cells: Please supply an image of the cells growing in culture to depict 'original' cell morphology prior to shipment.
  4. abm will generate the desired stable cell line and perform QC.

Disclaimer & MTA

Orders of this service are subjected to the completion of a signed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) by the purchasing individual/institution for each order. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at [email protected]. The end user acknowledges that the Materials provided under abm’s MTA does not grant a license for commercial use or imply any ownership rights or any intellectual property rights relating to the Materials.

Please note that if the gene to be stably-expressed or knocked down negatively impacts cell survival, it is up to the end user to proceed with the services. abm is unable to guarantee cell survival in these cases and we will only attempt to rescue the clones (under conditions specified by the customer). abm is not accountable for cell survival if rescuing the clones is unsuccessful.

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01 Zhang, J et al. "The construction and proliferative effects of a lentiviral vector capable of stably overexpressing SPINK1 gene in human pancreatic cancer AsPC-1 cell line." Tumour Biol 37(5):5847-55 (2016).DOI: 10.1007/s13277-015-4405-z PubMed: 26586397