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TNF Super-family


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Recombinant Human Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Human 4-1BB Receptor (TNFRSF9) CHO cells200 µg Z101425 $680.00
Recombinant Human 4-BBL (TNFSF9) E. coli20 µg Z102255 $70.00
1.0 mg Z102259 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human AITRL (TNFSF18) E. coli30 µg Z101725 $70.00
200 µg Z101727 $410.00
1.0 mg Z101729 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human B-cell Activating Factor (TNFSF13B) E. coli20 µg Z100965 $70.00
100 µg Z100967 $200.00
1.0 mg Z100969 $1,500.00
Recombinant Human B-cell Maturation Protein (TNFRSF17) E. coli20 µg Z101445 $70.00
100 µg Z101447 $250.00
1.0 mg Z101449 $1,850.00
Recombinant Human BAFF-R (TNFRSF13C) E. coli50 µg Z100015 $90.00
100 µg Z100017 $180.00
1.0 mg Z100019 $890.00
Recombinant Human BAFF/BLYS (TNFSF13B) CHO cells50 µg Z101135 $680.00
Recombinant Human CD40 Ligand (CD40LG) E. coli50 µg Z100125 $70.00
250 µg Z100127 $250.00
1.0 mg Z100129 $840.00
Recombinant Human LTA E. coli20 µg Z100865 $70.00
100 µg Z100867 $290.00
1.0 mg Z100869 $1,250.00
Recombinant Human LTA CHO cells50 µg Z101565 $760.00
Recombinant Human OPG (TNFRSF11B) E. coli50 µg Z101775 $130.00
1.0 mg Z101779 $1,350.00
Recombinant Human RANKL (TNFSF11) E. coli10 µg Z102265 $130.00
1.0 mg Z102269 $4,600.00
Recombinant Human TNF HEK29310 µg Z103075 $165.00
100 µg Z103077 $995.00
Recombinant Human TNF E. coli50 µg Z100855 $70.00
100 µg Z100857 $110.00
1.0 mg Z100859 $525.00
Recombinant Human TNF CHO cells50 µg Z101385 $760.00
Recombinant Human TNFRSF1B E. coli20 µg Z101745 $70.00
100 µg Z101747 $250.00
1.0 mg Z101749 $1,890.00
Recombinant Human TNFSF15 E. coli50 µg Z102335 $70.00
250 µg Z102336 $250.00
2.0 mg Z102337 $1,700.00
4.0 mg Z102339 $2,900.00
Recombinant Human TRAIL (TNFSF10) E. coli10 µg Z101755 $50.00
1.0 mg Z101759 $945.00
Recombinant Human TWEAK (TNFSF12) E. coli25 µg Z102275 $60.00
500 µg Z102279 $690.00
Recombinant Human TWEAK Receptor (TNFRSF12A) E. coli25 µg Z102525 $100.00
100 µg Z102527 $320.00
1.0 mg Z102529 $1,890.00
Recombinant Mouse Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Mouse TNF E. coli50 µg Z200215 $70.00
100 µg Z200217 $100.00
1.0 mg Z200219 $900.00
Recombinant Rat Growth Factors & Cytokines
Product Source Size Cat. No. Price
Recombinant Rat TNF E. coli20 µg Z300065 $70.00
100 µg Z300067 $225.00
1.0 mg Z300069 $790.00
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