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How much DNA do I need to provide for Custom AAV without DNA Amplification?
You will need to provide purified plasmid DNA at a concentration of 0.5ug/ul or more.

50 ug DNA needed for Custom AAV without DNA amplification (10^9 GC/ml)

200 ug DNA needed for Custom AAV without DNA amplification (10^12 GC/ml)

300 ug DNA needed for Custom AAV without DNA amplification (10^13 GC/ml)
What's the difference between GC/ml and vg/ml?
Both are used interchangeably and it is a qPCR based titer method.
Why do I not see GFP expression after infecting AAV in my cell line?
Serotype selection is an important parameter affecting transduction ability of AAV particles. Thus, determine which serotype works best for your cell line. You could refer to our technical sheet "AAV - General Guideline to Serotype Selection". eg. Serotype 5 has limited transduction ability on most cell types.
Is your AAV preparation in-vivo grade?
Our high titer AAV preps undergo extensive purification steps leading to high quality viral particles ready to inject for your in-vivo models. For reference, see our in-vivo infectivity data as tested by an independent lab {https://www.abmgood.com/AAV-Adeno-Associated-Virus.html}
What are the QC methods for testing AAV?
We provide qPCR based titer as primary method of determining successful packaging. If your virus has GFP or RFP reporter, we also perform virus infectivity testing in HEK293T cell line and provide you image in CoA.Since infectivity is serotype dependent, and HEK293T cells are not infected well with Serotype 4,5 and 6, we are unable to confirm infection for these serotypes in our standard evaluation cell line. For such cases, titer as determined by qPCR is considered final parameter to determine successful packaging of virus.
Can I work with different serotypes of AAV virus in the same equipment to keep the infected cells?
There is no problem with using different serotypes in the same equipment, as long as the handler takes the basic precautions to avoid cross-contamination.