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"Response time to our queries was always shorter than 24 hours and instructions were always clear and useful."
Dr. Jorge Xool, Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán, NGS
"I am very happy with the NGS service at ABM. Technical support has always been very helpful with all concerns and questions I had. The price for the service is very competitive compare to other companies. I would highly recommend ABM’s NGS service to other interested customers."
Dr. Thuy Le, Fate Therapeutics, NGS
"ABM has always been very helpful with technical assistance in any of our questions and concerns. I also consider the price for the services provided as very competitive, as other companies charge a multiple of ABM's price. I would highly recommend ABM's service to any customer interested in custom-made pluripotent stem cells."
Dr. Cameron Moshfegh, ETH Zurich, iPSC generation
"I really like to order from ABM as the ordering process is fairly straight forward and the documentation provided, especially with the cell lines, is very well detailed and complete."
Nancy Petitclerc, Immuni T, Immortalized Cell Line
"We are quite happy with the knockout cells that you made. This was a tricky knockout and hemizygous removal was much more prevalent than the double knockout, but you did it. In addition to your excellent genomic sequence characterization of both mutant LIF alleles, I have confirmed in our lab that the tumor cells have lost all mouse LIF production."
Dr. Robert Jackman, Boston University, Mouse LIF CRISPR Knock Out C26 Tumor Cell Line Generation and Screening Service
"We are very happy with the product and the turn around time, and would therefore order another reagent."
Dr. Alexandra Duverger, University of Alabama at Birmingham, CRISPR
"The All-in-One Lentivectors worked very well."
Dr. Makoto Miyazaki, University of Colorado-Denver, CRISPR
"Construct works beautifully, definitely will get more if needed."
Emily Chen, UCLA, CRISPR Lentivectors
"Although there are alternatives for custom lentivirus production, I have found ABM to offer the best price and service for the production of high titer lentivirus preps. If I have any special needs or concerns, they are always dealt with by the Technical Support Team. I have always been pleased with the product and will continue to use this service for my research."
John Teem, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Custom Lentivirus Production
"I am a fan of abm: great product quality, great price, great rewards and great experience."
Dr. Vincent Emond, Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec CHUL, Safe-Green, Opti-Protein XL ladders and Safe-Green 100bp Opti-DNA ladders
"I ordered products from ABM twice and the end user in our Lab was very happy with the quality of the products and fast delivery method as well."
Nadia Jordan-Spasov, Yale University, miRNA Primers and miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit
"The Lenti-II-CMV-Luc-IRES-GFP Lentivirus we purchased from your company worked well."
Kechen Ban, Baylor College of Medicine, Lenti-II-CMV-Luc-IRES-GFP Lentivirus
"I ordered some RT MasterMix and qPCR MasterMix. Both of them are very good, especially the BrightGreen qPCR Mastermix, which gives a very good signal and smaller cycle number than Sybrgreen. The price is cheaper as well. We will order more PCR reagents from ABM in the future."
Xiaoyun Tang, University of Alberta, BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix-ROX and 5X All-In-One RT MasterMix
"I tried out the Mycoplasma Detection Kit as well as the Bestaq Kit. Both were very user friendly and worked extremely well. I will be ordering again."
Kelsey Pinkham, Harvard University, Mycoplasma Dection Kit and Bestaq
"Always amazed at the reasonable prices and breadth of selection for genes of interest available on your site. Thanks very much!"
Brian DeBosch, Washington University in St. Louis, CNNM1 Adenovirus (Mouse), Cat. No. 184798A
"I am very satisfied this product. It is easy to use and accurate. That's why I keep using them to check lentivirus titer. Thank you abm for developing this kit which makes my research easier."
Xinping Huang, Emory University, qPCR Lentivirus Titer Kit
"I am very impressed with abm's RT MasterMix. It was very easy to use and the reaction time was very short."
Boram Ham, McGill University, Reverse Transcriptase MasterMix
"We have been using abm's Anti-His Tag Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal) (Cat no. G020) for our western blot experiments, and it worked very well."
Hansol Won, University of British Columbia, His-Tag Antibody
"As a long time customers of BrightGreen qPCR 2X mastermix from abm, I am very satisfied with the quality of the product, the descent price and the excellent performance. The results generated with this product were published in several papers of my lab."
Ying Wang, Department of Pharmacology, McGill University, BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix
"We have been using BrightGreen from abm for several years now, as a replacement to the more common SyBrGreen, and we are very satisfied. For sure, the price makes it very attractive at first sight, but what is most important is the fact that is provides us with excellent and very reproducible results. Very low levels of primer dimmers, and nice meltcurves. This product is the perfect alternative to SyBrGreen. Good results and very good price."
Julie Bérubé M.Sc, RI-MUHC, BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix
"abm's BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix helps our lab saving a lot of money and obtaining reliable and accurate results. It is easy to use. I recommend to try it."
J.D. PhD, IR-CUSUM, BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix
"This is the first time I used your BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix-iCycler, (Cat. No. MasterMix-iC) and it was very easy to use; just add the MasterMix to a PCR reaction, saving us valuable time. Your qPCR Lentivirus Titration (Titer) Kit, (Cat. No. LV900) was also easy to use. We contacted your technical support about variation of Ct values for our SDT1 and STD2 in two separate runs. The representative explained this variation in a timely and very professional way. Thanks for all your help."
Leticia Reyes, Medical University of South Carolina, BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix and Lentivirus Titer Kit
"The lentivirus (Cat. No. iV059988a) I received is working really well with my primary bone marrow stem cells. The transfection rate is nearly 70% in five days. Great product, I would like to continue to using your products."
Wei Guo, University of Maryland, siRNA Lentivirus
"I ordered your iPSC generation service. I received the iPSCs on time and your staff was very patient and polite. We are happy to have such a strong company in Canada! Thank you so much!"
Leila Larijani, University of Calgary, iPSC Generation from MEFs
"The instruction of the PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit is easy to follow. The timing of sample preparation for 20 samples is around 30 mins. The PCR results are clear. Overall, we think it is a good kit to perform routine quick mycoplasma screen in lab."
Ying Liu, UT Health Science Center Houston, PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit (G238)
"Your product is excellent quality at a great price."
Sherry Ralls, NIH, BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix-No Dye
"I recently received one of your qPCR Lentivirus Titration Kits and I think it is a wonderful product. The protocol is simple, fast, and accurate. I also really appreciate that there is an online titer calculator accompanying the kit on your website. The kit is allowing me to produce my own lentivirus, which is cheaper and more customizable."
Kelly Taylor, Medical University of South Carolina, qPCR Lentivirus Titration Kit (LV900)
"Great Taq DNA polymerase! We will put to good use in our experiments. Well sealed with fast delivery."
Thibault Mayor, University of British Columbia, Taq DNA Polymerase (G126)
"We love Safe-View dyes, especially Safe-White, and use it for all of our DNA imaging needs! Super easy to use and safe!"
David Nielsen, Arizona State University, SafeWhite (G108-W)
"We started using ABM’s DNAfectin Plus after our previous 'go-to' transfection reagent was preforming sub-optimally. Since then, DNAfectin Plus has become our new 'go-to' transfection reagent in the lab. It is reliable, cost efficient, and ABM is a great company to work with. Plus, we also enjoy the Starbucks gift cards that frequently come with it!"
Christine Ott, University of Delaware, DNAfectin Plus (G2500). Product Utilized in Publication: Ott, C.A. et al. "Cell Lysate-Based AlphaLISA Deubiquitinase Assay Platform for Identification of Small Molecule Inhibitors." ACS Chem. Biol. Web: (2017).
"Thank you! I received the order within a day when most orders I get within a period of 3-5 days after purchased. This is a great service!"
Adriana Cabrera, The University of British Columbia
"We are happy about the CD4 and CD8 IHC staining your lab did. The quality of the IHC staining is very good."
Fugang Zhu, Idera Pharnacueticals Inc, Custom IHC Staining Service (HC002)
"ABM offers an excellent miRNA specific cDNA conversion kit for cheaper than other life science suppliers. The shipped my order quickly and it arrived earlier than expected. I will continue to use ABM for my other research needs."
Christian Andersen, The University of Georgia, miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit with Poly(A) Polymerase Tailing (G902)
"We have used this freezing media for a long time and used it for mesenchymal stem cells, it show very good cell recovery rate and perfect cell morphology and viability. Then we used the freezing media for other cells, including: HUVEC, HRMEC, H9C2 or some other primary cells with success, it is a very good product."
Rui Guo, Thomas Jefferson University, iPSC Freezing Media (TM023)
"I tried the molecular cloning of inserting two DNA fragments (2Kb & 0.5Kb) into a 4Kb backbone by using the kit. After the transformation, I got about 100 colonies, and when I picked 24 colonies for colony PCR, the bright band from gel running told me that I got 20 potential hits, which is awesome. I sent some plasmids for sequencing, the result I received just now unveiled they are carrying the exact right fragment insertion. Collectively, this is a powerful kit."
Jianfeng Lan, The Buck Institute, Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit (E086/E087)