UltraBright UV Transilluminator, 302/365 nm



DescriptionThe UltraBright UV Transilluminator comes with either a 16cm x 20 cm pr 21 x 26 cm (Large View) uniformly lighted viewing area. It emits UV light at 302nm or 365 nm with adjustable light intensity and a 28cm x 34cm footprint. The UV blocking cover has a sturdier design than traditional covers which tend to snap and crack at the hinges.
Additional Information
  • Dual wavelengths at 302nm and 365 nm
Additional Specifications
  • Instrument dimensions (d x w x h): 280 x 340 x 80 mm
  • Viewing surface dimensions (d x w): 160 x 200 mm or 210 x 260 mm (Large View)
  • LED Wavelength: 302 nm
  • UV tubes: 9 x T5 8 W; 365 nm x 5 and 302 nm x 4 or 11 x T5 8 W; 365 nm x 6 and 302 nm x 5 (Large View)
  • UV blocking cover: Aluminum alloy frame
  • Sensitivity:
    1. EtBr: 0.4 ng
    2. SyberSafe: 0.4 ng
    3. GelGreen: 0.4 ng
    4. GelRed: 0.2 ng
  • Power: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
Unit quantity1

What type of material is the shield on the unit made out of?
There is no material that can give 100% protection from UV. Our shield is made by anti-UV plastic. General plastic provides 92% protection from UV, but we coat one material(trade secret) onto the plastic, providing a final 99.9% protection from UV (see attached file). There is still 0.1% leakage, so we have to state that it is “not 100%” in manual to maintain honestly.
Can LED trans illuminators detect see EtBr?
LED trans illuminators can detect EtBr, but the sensitivity is not as good. The performance could reach 5~10ng(1000bp) in dark room and 10~20ng(1000bp) in room light.

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