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Expression System Vectors & Viruses 

abm offers a variety of unique and versatile vector expression systems from applications such as Inducible Gene Expression and Fine-Tuning Gene Expression, to speciality reporter vectors including Dual Luciferase Reporters and Organelle Fluorescence Labeling Reporters - all of which can take your experiment to the next level.   

Looking for a different Expression System? Check out our Custom Cloning Service where abm can clone your custom vector for you.

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  • Introduction to CRISPR
    Introduction to CRISPR
    CRISPR Knowledge Base
  • Viral Expression Systems Brochure
    The Lentivirus
    Knowledge Base
  • Choosing a Viral Vector
    Choosing a Viral Vector
    Vector Selection Tool
  • CRE Lox Recombination
    CRE Lox Recombination
    Knowledge Base

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