Bestaq™ DNA Polymerase (PCR)

G4571,000 U (200 μl)

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Bestaq™ DNA Polymerase (PCR)
Bestaq™ DNA Polymerase (PCR)

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    DescriptionLooking to improve your routine PCR? Bestaq™ DNA Polymerase is the new standard. With outstanding PCR yield, exceptional fidelity and high processivity, abm’s Bestaq™ DNA Polymerase is a versatile enzyme ideal for all PCR applications. With this superior enzyme, you can consolidate all PCR protocols and reactions into one efficient system. With abm’s Bestaq™ DNA Polymerase, you can expect • High-speed PCR without compromising accuracy • High-processivity to reduce reaction time by 70% • Robust and high yield across a wide range of templates • Efficient amplification of DNA templates up to 15kb
    Applications• High-throughput PCR • Robust amplification of AT- and GC-Rich sequences • RACE • NGS Library construction
    FormatEnzyme supplied with 5X buffer, MgSO4 and 5X GC Enhancer
    Note This product is ISO-13485 certified.
    Storage ConditionStore all components at -20 °C.
    Unit quantity1,000 U (200 μl)

    Does this enzyme have terminal transferase activity (i.e. adds an A at the end of the PCR product)?
    No, all high fidelity polymerases will not have this feature. If you would like to do T/A cloning on Bestaq PCR products, you can clean up the bestaq PCR reaction first, then mix the cleaned-up bestaq PCR product with Taq/PCR buffer/dNTP, and incubate it for 15-30 mins. The Taq will add the dA overhangs onto the bestaq PCR products.

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