PCR Polymerases

abm offers an all inclusive range of individual enzymes and kits that enable the preparation of RNA and DNA for subsequent application(s) in next generation whole genome sequencing and library construction. With extensive experience and forte in protein engineering, abm is proud to stand by its products that promise value, quality and reliability.

Product Information

Over the years, our scientists have engineered the highest quality enzymes and most advanced and sophisticated formulations for PCR related applications. The table below outlines the characteristics and formats of our DNA polymerases.

CharacteristicMegaFi™ FidelityBlasTaqHotStart Taq
Proofreading Yes No No
Fidelity (vs. Native Taq) 1300X 1X 1X
Specificity ●●●● ●●● ●●●●
Extension Speed 20-30 sec/kb 15 sec/kb 60 sec/kb
Target Length 15-20 kb 10-15 kb 6 kb
Suitable for TA cloning No Yes Yes

Enzyme (G896)

MasterMix (G897)

Enzyme (G895)

MasterMix (G984)

Enzyme (G011/G039)

MasterMix (G906)

Special Feature Fidelity and Sensitivity Fast and Robust High Specificity


  • Polymerase Chain Reaction Brochure
    PCR Product Brochure and Performance Data
  • DNA Polymerase Variations
    DNA Polymerase Variation Knowledge Base
  • PCR RT-PCR qPCR Application Handbook
    PCR RT-PCR qPCR Application Handbook

Top Publications

MICU1 regulation of mitochondrial Ca(2+) uptake dictates survival and tissue regeneration

Antony, A., et al.
Nature Communications (2016) 9(7):10955-65.

Doi: 10.1038/ncomms10955

Thyroid Transcription Factor 1 Reprograms Angiogenic Activities of Secretome

Wood, L. W., et al.
Scientific Reports (2016) 6(19857): 1-14.

Doi: 10.1038/srep19857

Replication of a pathogenic non-coding RNA increases DNA methylation in plants associated with a bromodomain-containing viroid binding protein

Ly, D., et al.
Scientific Reports (2016) 6(35651): 1-9.

Doi: 10.1038/srep35751

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