Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ 2X qPCR MasterMix

Cat. No.
125 rxn (1.25 ml)
Cat. No. G884
Name Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ 2X qPCR MasterMix
Unit 125 rxn (1.25 ml)
Category qPCR Mastermixes

Ultra-Pure BlasTaq2X qPCR MasterMix provides a convenient, reliable and robust setup for performing quantitative real-time analysis of DNA samples. This ready-to-use qPCR MasterMix contains abm’s strategically-engineered, next generation Taq Polymerase, Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ DNA Polymerase, providing for rapid extension rates and robust performance.

With specialized reaction conditions, this polymerase provides increased processivity, yields, and sensitivity, while shortening reaction times by up to 70%, compared to wild-type Taq DNA polymerase. The enzyme is subject to a rigorous multi-step purification protocol using physical, chemical, and enzymatic methods for maximum removal of contaminating genomic DNA.

Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ has 5’-3’ polymerase and 5’-3’ exonuclease activities, lacks 3’-5’ exonuclease activity, and produces 3’-dA-tailed amplicons. qPCR products made with Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ can be used with TA cloning vectors. The MasterMix contains dye comparable to SYBR Green™ and EvaGreen™.

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ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP Certified

ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP Certified
Our qPCR Products are manufactured under a Quality Management System conforming with ISO 13485:2016 as certified by Intertek (a MDSAP recognized auditing organization).


Product Component Quantity
Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ 2X qPCR MasterMix
125 rxn (1.25 ml)
ROX Reference Dye
15 µl


Note: This product is abm’s next generation of dye-based qPCR MasterMixes and is functionally equivalent to BrightGreen 5X qPCR MasterMixes (Cat. No. MasterMix-5L, MasterMix-5R, MasterMix-5S), BrightGreen Express 2X qPCR MasterMixes (Cat. No. MasterMix-EL, MasterMix-ER, MasterMix-ES), KiloGreen 2X qPCR MasterMixes (MasterMix-KL, MasterMix-KR, MasterMix-KS), BrightGreen 2X qPCR MasterMixes (Cat. No. MasterMix-LR, MasterMix-R, MasterMix-S) and BrightGreen miRNA qPCR MasterMixes (MasterMix-mL, MasterMix-mR, MasterMix-mS), with improved performance. Contact our customer service team [email protected] for more information.

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Concentration 2X
Storage Condition

Store at -20 °C. This product is stable for 2 years from the date of shipping if stored and handled properly.


Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ 2X qPCR MasterMix comes with a separate vial of ROX Reference Dye which can be added depending on the qPCR machine type, as listed in the table below.

High ROX Machines
  • ABI ® 7000, 7300, 7700, 7900, 7900HT, StepOnePlus™, StepOne™, OpenArray, PRISM™ Sequencing Detection Series
  • Biometra TOptical
  • Fluidigm BioMark™
  • Wafergene SmartChip System
  • TianLong TL998 System
Low ROX Machines
  • ABI® 7500, 7500 Fast, Viia™ 7, QuantStudio, QuantStudio 3/5/6/7
  • BioGene InSyte™
  • Illumina Eco
  • Analytikjena qTower Series
  • Stratagene® Mx3000, Mx3005, Mx4000
No ROX machines
  • BioRad® CFX96, CFX384, Chromo4™, CFX Connect™, Opticon 2, MiniOpticon™
  • Roche LightCycler® (480, 1536, Nano)
  • MJ Research Opticon™, Opticon™ 2, Chromo® 4
  • Eppendorf™ Realplex 4
  • BioGene SynChron™
  • Corbett Rotor-gene® (3000, 6200, 62H0, 6500, 65H0, 6600)
  • Eppendorf Mastercycler® realplex (s, 4 , 4s), Pro (S, 384), Nexus (gradient, eco, flat)
  • Cepheid SmartCyler, GeneXpert
  • Enigma™ ML
  • Idaho LightScanner® (24, 32), RapidCycler®2, R.A.P.I.D (LT, LT Food), RAZOR EX, JBAIDS
  • Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ (Q, 6000)
  • Takara Dice™
  • Thermo Scientific PikoReal
  • DNA-Technology DT96, DTlite, DT-322
  • Bioer LineGene (3310/3320, K FQD-48A, I, II, 9620, 9640, 9660, 9680)
  • Bioneer Exicycler™
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