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Trade up a cell line, a plasmid, or an adenovirus you've developed for an abm material of your choice in the same technology category: a cell line for a cell line, a plasmid for a plasmid, or an adenovirus for an adenovirus.

Follow steps 1-4 below and you'll quickly be on your way to obtain a free abm material. Let’s get trading!

What you need to get started:

  1. Select a cell line, a cloning vector/plasmid, or an adenovirus you developed that you'd like to exchange and deposit with us.

  2. Select an abm product from the same technology category as yours that you'd like in exchange, and mark down its catalog number.

  3. Review the program's Terms & Conditions .

  4. Submit the online form below , and you're done!

Submission Form

Check out our FAQ section below , or send us an email at [email protected] .

After submission, you will receive an email confirmation in your inbox. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam or junk folder, or contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

Who can participate?
We look forward to working with all researchers who have developed their own technology and agrees to the Terms & Conditions of the program. These terms and conditions include but are not limited to the agreement of: research use only, no resale nor further distribution by the end user using any abm material, and that the end user is the true owner of the technology and agrees to abm commercializing the deposited material on our platform.
What information do I need to provide to request an exchange?
Once your initial submission is received, you will receive a Q&A form which allows us to know more about your technology. This will help us with the validation process and quicken the approval process for your deposit and exchange.
Do you accept all submissions for exchange? Are there any restrictions?
Currently, we are open to exchanges of materials within the following categories:

  • Adenoviruses
  • Plasmids
  • Cell Lines
You can start the submission process by completing the form above.
We are also open to other possibilities—please contact us at [email protected] .
How will my technology be stored?
Your technology will be securely stored at abm’s international headquarter located in Vancouver, Canada. With a total of 27,000 sq. ft. of wet lab and office space, our facility houses the proper storage facilities for biological materials (i.e. -80°C freezers, liquid nitrogen dewars, etc.) to keep all of your materials safe.
Do I need to pay to deposit my materials?
Deposit your material free of charge! We will work with you, the depositor, to ensure that we know how to properly handle and store your material safely in our facility. We will handle the shipping fees when you are depositing your materials into our facility.
Can I get my deposited materials back anytime?
When you are enrolled in the abmXchange program, you can submit a request with your unique case number for your deposited materials. Our team will then work with you to arrange the shipment!
How does the shipping process work? Do I need to pay for shipping?
Once your technology is enrolled into the program, our associate will be in contact with you to arrange for the shipment of your technology to abm for verification.

You don't need to worry about shipping fees as we will handle the shipping fees with our courier.
What happens to my technology after the exchange?
Your technology will be safely stored in our facility, and will be made available for other researchers to purchase for research use through abm’s platform. In return, your approved abm material will be on its way to your lab!
Can I trade an adenovirus for a plasmid or a cell line?
abmXchange offers a one-to-one material transfer, and the exchange is between materials in the same technology category.

For example, you can request to trade in your cell line for one of abm’s cell line. However, you cannot exchange an adenovirus or a plasmid for a cell line.
Will abmXchange accept any replication competent adenovirus?
All abm's adenovirus are replication incompetent with the early viral genes E1 & E3 removed.
For safety reasons, the program will only accept replication incompetent adenoviruses.
What about IP?
Any depositor enrolled to the program retains all rights, including IP rights, to the submitted material(s).
What are the terms and conditions of this program?
The terms and conditions for the submissions may be found here .
What is the validation or verification process?
We require a copy of your submitted material(s) for internal verification that the material(s) is what it is claimed to be.

For example:
  • Plasmids - We check the insert size and do sequencing for the gene
  • Cell Line - We assess the morphology, growth, and test for contamination of the cells in culture.


What is a cloning vector (plasmid or vector)?
Recombinant DNA technology. A vector construct carrying foreign DNA in which can be manipulated artificially after ligation and digestion reaction series.
What is an adenovirus?
Recombinant adenovirus technology. From the family Adenoviridae, double stranded DNA viruses carrying foreign recombinant DNA for gene transfer.
What is a cell line?
Cell culture developed from single cell consisting of the same genetic makeup.
What is an immortalized cell line?
An immortalized cell line consists of tumorous cells or a population of cells that has acquired the ability to proliferate indefinitely in culture evading normal cellular senescence either through random mutation or deliberate manipulations to keep undergoing division.
What is a stable cell line?
An immortalized cell line consists of tumorous cells or a population of cells that has acquired the ability to proliferate indefinitely in culture evading normal cellular senescence either through random mutation or deliberate manipulations to keep undergoing division.

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