Column-Pure RNA Miniprep Kit

D51850 preparations

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Column-Pure RNA Miniprep Kit
Column-Pure RNA Miniprep Kit

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    abm’s Column-Pure RNA Miniprep Kit is a fast and efficient method for the isolation and purification of total RNA from mammalian cells, tissues, yeast and bacteria. The silica spin column technology allows for rapid recovery of high quality RNA that is ready for downstream applications such as RT-PCR, qPCR, cDNA libraries and Northern blotting.

    Kit Advantages:

    • Rapid and simple 25 minute protocol
    • Extract high yield and purity RNA from mammalian cells, tissues, yeast and bacteria
    • On-column genomic DNA removal
    • High binding capacity of up to 200 µg RNA
    • Compatible with lower input number of cells (e.g. 100-1x107 HEK293T mammalian cells)
    • No phenol/chloroform, LiCl or alcohol precipitation required

    Additional materials required (not supplied):


    Required for

    14.3 M β-mercaptoethanol (β-ME)

    All protocols

    95-100% Ethanol

    All protocols

    70% Ethanol

    All protocols

    Zymolyase or Lyticase and Reaction Buffer

    Yeast protocol


    Bacteria protocol

    Unit quantity50 preparations

    Supporting Protocol


      Is it possible to use frozen blood sample with this kit?
      Frozen blood samples have not yet been tested with this kit, however this should not be a problem.
      What is the TE buffer used for?
      The TE buffer is optional and is included because some prefer to use TE for elution. TE buffer can be used instead of elution buffer if needed.

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