qPCR Service

qPCR and reverse transcription qPCR (RT-qPCR) have been widely used for mRNA quantification with advanced specificity, sensitivity and accuracy. Featured with abm’s extensive collection of BrightGreen and TaqProbe qPCR MasterMixes and years of extensive experience in dye-based or probe-based assays, abm provides custom qPCR and RT-qPCR services to accelerate your research.

abm advantages:

  • Free human GAPDH gene included for normalization of human samples
  • Triplicates included to increase data reliability
  • High quality ISO 13485 certified qPCR MasterMixes used for each run
  • Synthesis of primers/probes available upon request
  • Short turnaround time: around 2-4 weeks upon cell/RNA receipt, or 1-3 weeks upon cDNA receipt


"abm has always been very helpful with technical assistance in any of our questions and concerns. I also consider the price for the services provided as very competitive, as other companies charge a multiple of abm's price."

Dr. Cameron Moshfegh, ETH Zurich

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Service Details

Core Services
qPCR Service* 1 Sample (triplicate)# C533 $25.00
Add-On Services
RNA Isolation 1 Sample C203 $95.00
cDNA Synthesis 1 Sample C204 $75.00
For Primer or Probe synthesis services, please inquire with [email protected]
* Pricing is valid for singleplex qPCR reactions with customer supplied primers/probes only. For multiplex reactions, please inquire prior to sample submission.
# Pricing is valid for quantification of one gene. Triplicate runs included to increase data reliability, i.e. customer will receive 3 Ct values per sample.

Additional Info

Delivery Format:

Detailed report containing Ct values for each sample

Sample Submission Guideline:

Sample formatDetails
Total RNA
  • RNA isolated from >1 million cells supplied in 1 ml TRIzol solution, please ship on dry ice
Cell Pellet
  • Please prepare from >1 million mammalian cells, please ship on dry ice
  • 2ug of cDNA for each gene to be tested per sample (in TE buffer, at least 100 ng/ul)
  • 100 ul of primers/probes at 100uM per target gene

Disclaimer and Policies

abm is not responsible for storage of any customer provided reagents (cell pellet, RNA, PCR product and primers/probes) after report delivery.

Our goal is always to deliver high-quality qPCR data to aid you in your research. However, qPCR experiments by nature do not always deliver equally robust results due to a variety of factors, such as the quality of samples submitted (low RNA content or high level of contaminates) or the efficacy of primer designs received. Therefore, full service charges will apply regardless of the final data obtained unless qPCR issue is instrument-related. We will make every effort to deliver reliable qPCR results.


What reporter dyes and quenchers do you accept for probe-based qPCR services?
For a list of reporter dyes that we accept, please visit the Probe Design & Synthesis page at: Probe Design Probe Synthesis

If you would like to use other reporter dyes, please inquire with [email protected].

No limitations on the type of quenchers submitted.
Do you offer multiplex qPCR services?
In general, multiplex reactions require extensive testing to establish the optimal primer/probe concentration. Please contact us at [email protected] to evaluate your multiplex request and submit detailed information on the experimental conditions to follow, as well as the target gene and primer/probe information.


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