DNAfectin™ Plus Transfection Reagent

G25001.0 ml



High Transfection Efficiency!

abm's DNAfectin™ Plus Transfection Reagent is a unique formulation of polycations and liposomes, which guarantees high transfection efficiency in a wide variety of cell types including primary cells.

Product Features:

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Transfection of DNA into cultured eukaryotic cells.

Transfection Reagents TypeDNA Molecule
Unit quantity1.0 ml
Storage Condition

Store at 4ºC. Do not freeze.


Supporting Protocol



    How much transfection reagent and DNA do I need per well in a six well plate?
    5ug DNA and 10ul of transfection reagent will be fine. If toxicity is a problem, use 3~4 ug DNA.
    Does freeze-thaw affect the performance of the transfection reagent?
    Freeze-thaw does damage the transfection reagent slightly, at an approximate 5% loss. If possible, test the agent with a GFP control first.
    Is this polymer or metal based?
    This item is polymer based.
    I used this transfection reagent but I see toxicity, what are some tips to resolve this?
    Try reducing the amount of DNA plasmids and Transfection Reagent added by half.

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