DNase I

G0282000 U (1.0 ml)

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DNase I
DNase I

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    DNase I is a non-specific endonuclease derived from bovine pancreas that catalyzes the cleavage of phosphodiester bonds in single/double-stranded DNA, chromatin, and RNA:DNA hybrids to generate di-and/or oligonucleotide (5’-phosphorylated and 3’-hydroxylated) end-products.

    Product ComponentQuantity
    DNase I 2,000 U (1.0 ml)
    10X DNase I Reaction Buffer 1.0 ml
    Unit quantity2000 U (1.0 ml)

    • Removes DNA from protein preparations
    • Mediates nick translation
    • Generates random fragments for dideoxy sequencing
    • Degrade template DNA following in vitro transcription
    • Mediate DNase I foot-printing

    Concentration2 U/μl

    One unit is defined as the amount of DNase I that catalyzes the degradation of 1 μg of DNA in 10 minutes at 37 °C into tetranucleotides or smaller fragments.

    This product does not contain any RNase inhibitors, so it is recommended to be used in combination with RNaseOFF Ribonuclease Inhibitor (Cat. G138). This product should not be used in digestions longer than 15 minutes or at temperatures higher than 37°C, or the residual RNase activity will begin to degrade the RNA.  For RNAse-Free DNAse I, see Cat. No. E091.

    This product is distributed for laboratory research onlyCaution: Not for diagnostic use.


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      Can DNase I be used to degrade residual genomic DNA in purified RNA?
      The DNase I may have some impact on the RNA. We offer a more specific product for this application Cat. G488 AccuRT genomic DNA removal kit. The G488 kit will effectively remove gDNA without loss or degradation of RNA in your sample.

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