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Get FREE lentivirus packaging service when you order any sgRNA/cDNA lentiviral vector ($199)!

Promotion ends: December 31st, 2023

Promotion code: HP002

Promotion details:

1) Any set of 3 human or mouse All-in-One Cas9/sgRNA lentivector + Free Ready-to-use packaged virus at 10⁷ IU/ml (4 x 500ul), set of 3 viruses

2) or Any human or mouse cDNA lentiviral expression vector + Free Ready-to-use packaged virus at 10⁷ IU/ml (4 x 500ul)

Disclaimers:Offer expires December 31, 2023 and is valid for customers in the USA or Canada only. For customers outside the USA or Canada, please contact your local distributor. Offer is not valid with any other promotions or discounts. Void where prohibited by law. Some restrictions may apply.

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