GFP Control Lentivirus (Puro)

Cat. No.
4 x 500ul
Cat. No. LV095
Name GFP Control Lentivirus (Puro)
Unit 4 x 500ul
Category Control Vectors & Viruses

A reporter gene (or reporter) is a gene that researchers attach to a regulatory sequence of another gene of interest in cell culture, animals or plants. Commonly used reporter genes that offer visually identifiable characteristics usually involve fluorescent (GFP) or luminescent (Luciferase) proteins. Application of reporter genes in vitro and in vivo have greatly advanced life science research and assay develoment. Reporter genes driven by different promoters allow accurate evaluation of promoter strength in vitro and in vivo. Over the years scientists at ABM have developed the most comprehensive line of reporter lentiviral vectors for all your research applications.

Vector Map pLenti-III-CMV-GFP (click blue link to view)
Titer 107 IU/mL

NOT FOR RESALE without prior written consent of ABM. This product is distributed for laboratory research only.

Caution Not for diagnostic use.
Material Citation If use of this material results in a scientific publication, please cite the material in the following manner: Applied Biological Materials Inc, Cat. No. LV095
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  • Wichit, S., Hamel, R., Zanzoni, A., Diop, F., Cribier, A., Talignani, L., … Missé, D. "SAMHD1 Enhances Chikungunya and Zika Virus Replication in Human Skin Fibroblasts" International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(7):1695 (2019). DOI: 10.3390/ijms20071695.
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