GFP Stably Expressing EOC 13.31 Cell Line

T39651x106 cells / 1.0 ml


DescriptionEOC 13.31 cells stably expressing GFP
SpeciesHuman (H. sapiens)
Tissue/Organ/Organ SystemBrain
Growth PropertiesAdherent
ApplicationsFor Research Use Only
Unit quantity1x106 cells / 1.0 ml
Propagation RequirementsThe base medium for this cell line is Prigrow III medium available at abm, Cat. No. TM003 to a final concentration of 69%. To make the completed growth medium, add the following components to the base medium: LADMAC conditioned media to a final concentration of 20%, fetal bovine serum (TM999) to a final concentration of 10%, 4.0 ug/ml puromycin (G264) and Penicillin/Streptomycin Solution (G255) to a final concentration of 1%.
Carbon dioxide (CO2): 5%, Temperature: 37.0

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Cell TypeReporter Cells

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        Is the GFP or RFP signal localized within the cell?
        No, there is no localization tag on the GFP or RFP, so they can diffuse throughout the cell. However, if you want a localized signal, abm's Organelle Labeling Lentiviruses can be used for our Stable Cell Line Generation service. Simply ask [email protected] for a quote.
        What type of GFP or RFP do these cell lines express, and from which promoter?
        The GFP is derived from copGFP (from Pontellina plumata) and the RFP is derived from mKate2 (from Entacmaea quadricolor). They are expressed from a proximal SV40 promoter, and a more distal CMV promoter may also drive expression. If you are looking for a cell line with a specific fluorescent reporter, or with a specific promoter, abm can perform a Stable Cell Line Generation service. Simply ask [email protected] for a quote.

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