iPSC Factor Lentiviruses

   To date, lentiviral vectors have been the most widely used delivery vehicle for iPSC reprogramming due to its high efficiency of both transduction and stable integration. As a world leader in iPSC and stem cell research, abm provides the most comprehensive selection of iPSC lentivral vectors with choices of different promoters, including, EF1α, PGK, UBC, CMV. For stable gene expression in stem cells, EF1α promoter offers highest percentage of cells expressing transgene, follow by PGK and UBC. However, PGK promoter offers higher gene expression level in positive cells. For transient gene expresion, CMV promoter is the choice for higher level transgene expression.
   To further simplify the iPSC induction, scientists at ABM have successfully developed a polycistonic iPSC lentivirus which contains all four iPSC transcription factors in both Thomson (OSNL) and Yamanaka (OSKM) Protocol formats. All polycistronic lentiviral vectors are designed with the popular EF1α promoter.

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